Top 10 Amusement Park Outfits

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Amusement Park Outfits

Going to an amusement park can be an excellent way to spend the day with your family, but it can also make you feel underdressed compared to everyone else around you if you don’t have the right outfit. Don’t worry; we’ve done some research and come up with the top 10 best amusement park outfits that will help you fit in with the rest of the crowd! Check out our list below!

1) Mustache tee

Let’s be honest, you were going to wear your mustache tee anyhow. Why not mix things up a bit? Wearing a mustache tee is funny, and funny is cool. Bonus points if you find one that looks like a real mustache. Grab your sunglasses, throw on some jean shorts and pull up those leg warmers. Not only will you look good in amusement park outfits, but everyone else will get a kick out of your fashion choice as well! Go ahead, be bold!

2) Leopard print tee

Add a pop of wild animal print to your wardrobe with an oversized tee emblazoned with leopard spots. Pair it with cut-off denim shorts and white sneakers for a stylish look that will help you keep cool at any amusement park in the summer heat.

3) Pom pom shorts

Plaid pom-pom shorts are a signature look for little girls with short hair. They can also be seen on women, who will more likely wear them in red, blue, and yellow. The shins have fringed edges, and there’s a single pom-pom hanging off each side of the waistband. A skirt is basically a petticoat attached to a pair of shorts, making it one of our favorite amusement park outfits for women.

4) Colorful socks

It’s always fun to spice up your amusement park outfit with some of your favorite color-coded socks. The bright colors help you stay more visible on a roller coaster and can create a memorable look that helps you stand out in a crowd. Plus, there are all sorts of cool patterns and designs, so you can pick something that fits your own personal style while also blending in with your theme park attire.

5) Backpack purse

Amusement parks are tons of fun. There’s nothing quite like spending a day playing with roller coasters, rides, and games. However, amusement parks also involve lots of walking and standing in lines. To make sure you enjoy your visit, bring a backpack purse to store all your essentials while you wait in line—it will be easier to carry around than a larger handbag!

6) Denim shorts with a bow belt

Denim shorts with a bow belt is one of those outfits that can take you from the beach to the theme park or pool party. And, as every style expert will tell you, denim shorts are some of your best options for summer outfits. There’s just something about denim that feels timelessly cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside.

7) Lace Up Sneakers

Do you prefer to wear dresses and skirts while at amusement parks? We do, too. But just because we like to show off our legs doesn’t mean we don’t want to kick up our heels every now and then.

8) Chiffon halter-top with leggings

If you’re planning to spend a day in a theme park, it might be a good idea to bring along a chiffon halter-top. This comfortable outfit is perfect for fun-filled days in and out of various rides.

9) Princess dress

Disney princesses are among some of our favorite characters. What’s not to love about them? But if you think that means that you can get away with dressing up as a Disney princess in public, you’re mistaken. You might be comfortable in your favorite Elsa dress or Belle costume, but it may not be what other people expect to see on their outings at an amusement park. For an outfit that will grab attention and show off your Disney spirit, choose from one of these!

10) Black and white striped dress

It’s light, airy, and stays cool in hot weather. This is what you’ll want to wear on a sweltering summer day at your favorite amusement park. It’s also easy to add accessories such as necklaces and bracelets if you want to dress it up.

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