Top 10 Baddie Outfit Ideas

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Top 10 Baddie Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for some baddie outfit ideas? We will help you out with a list of the top 10 best outfits for villains. From the classic to the more contemporary, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you! Read more here.

1) Sexy Maid

For a sexy baddie look, what better way to impress your partner than by dressing up in a sexy maid’s outfit? The frilly skirt, which is usually knee-length, with an apron that often covers half of your body can really show off your assets. Wear it with some sexy stockings and you’ll be sure to feel seductive.

2) Cat Burglar

Baddie Outfit Ideas

if you are a fan of tom cruise in mission impossible and want to feel like a cat burglar, then this adult cat burglar costume is what you need. if you love to play pranks on people and make them think you are a cat burglar, this funny costume is the right choice.

3) Punk Rocker

As a classic ’90s baddie, you’re an icon of old-school cool, but as always you have to keep up with current trends. Wear your leather pants and ripped the black shirt from middle school, but throw in a colored mohawk. Since you’re going for punk rock baddie style, wear a studded belt and combat boots. Finish it off with heavy eye makeup and chunky black earrings. You can also include some chains around your neck if they work well with your outfit.

4) Floral Print

This year, floral prints are making a comeback. So if you have a little black dress that you’ve never worn because it was too plain, now’s your chance to change that up! The floral print is big—so don’t hold back. Layer a white blouse with a flirty skirt, or try pairing an oversized blazer with some high-waisted pants for an ultra-stylish and timeless look.

5) Black, White & Red

This outfit screams for attention. Black and white will always be a classic color combination, but red is an unexpected twist that brings all of these colors together flawlessly. Consider a bold red lip or vibrant red earrings to really make your look pop. Red can be especially impactful against a black background but is also often used as an accent to highlight other colors in a design.

6) Statement Necklace & Earrings

Statement necklaces and earrings are an easy way to add some killer style to your outfit. Think you have to spend a fortune? Check out local vintage shops, where you can find statement pieces for cheap! For inspiration on pairing up bold jewelry with outfits, check out

7) Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur has a line of lingerie designed to look like a villain’s costume. These pieces are sexy and fun, but Agent Provocateur isn’t for everyday wear; these outfits should be saved for special occasions. Although it can be hard to look intimidating in a push-up bra and thong, these baddie outfit ideas from Agent Provocateur will have you looking hot and ready to take on any supervillains.

8) Wicked Witch of the West

The Wicked Witch of the West is one of literature’s most well-known baddies. While she may not have been so bad after all, you’d still have to admit that her wardrobe was pretty cool—imagine cackling in a black cloak and green pointed hat, for instance. Thanks to Margaret Hamilton’s brilliant performance as the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, we can now put together our own magic wardrobe inspired by Dorothy’s arch-nemesis.

9) Bank Robber

Say you’re going to rob a bank and make a clean getaway. An essential part of that is ensuring that you look like a true badass, just like in The Dark Knight. If we were robbing banks, it would take us exactly two hours to put together these baddie outfit ideas.

10) Little Red Riding Hood -With Lingerie

Little Red Riding Hood, a classic fairy tale, is about a young girl in a red cloak and hood who meets a wolf on her way to her grandmother’s house. With lingerie as your weapon, you’ll be sure to have grandma on lock! A sexy little corset with some satin garters and stockings will do it! Put your hair in pigtails to complete your look.

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