Top 5 baddie Roblox outfits you’ll love

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Top 5 baddie Roblox outfits you'll love
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Baddie outfits are all the rage on Roblox, but it’s hard to know which ones to get since so many of them look alike. If you’re looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd, check out these 5 baddies Roblox outfits!

1) Clothing

Pinstripe Suit and Fedora – Gotta look like a dapper billionaire. How can you pull off a dapper look? Easily, with our top choice for a terrible killer outfit. Dress up in a sophisticated pinstripe suit that looks more expensive than it is. Black shoes always go well with suits, so keep it simple with those classic black dress shoes to show off your formal side while still being an effective evil character. That’s not all!

2) Shoes

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, and when it comes to our virtual alter egos, it’s no different. A great pair of shoes is essential for any character build—especially when we’re talking about one who wants to scare people. Just check out these boots and see if they don’t give off an air of unwelcome here!

3) Hats, beards, sunglasses

They’re all here. Our selection of hats, beards, and sunglasses will make it easy to transform your character into a trouble-making bounty hunter. Just browse our collection and pick out your favorite black hat, beard, or dark shades before creating a new game. Then wait for other players to get locked up so you can bust them out of jail!

4) Badges

If a game does not have these, I’m probably not going to play it. Badges are essentially badges of honor that show how good you are at doing something in a game. These usually come in two different forms: EXP-based badges and Time-based badges. EXP-based badges show how much EXP (experience points) you have. This can be seen by looking at your screen while playing or just by glancing at your overall character on your profile page.

5) Backpacks

Backpacks are a great choice if you want to take your outfit to another level of coolness. Backpacks are useful for storing gear, but they also make it easy to show off your Badlox fashion sense wherever you go. Most backpacks are also relatively inexpensive, so there’s little risk in buying a few and seeing what works best for your style. Some of our favorite picks include: -Teddy Bear Backpack -Flying Carpet Backpack -Bow and Arrow Backpack.

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