Top 10 Best Bulma Outfits of All Time

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Top 10 Best Bulma Outfits of All Time

Bulma is the tough, no-nonsense member of the Dragon Ball Z cast who loves fashion and beauty products. She’s often shown wearing hot pink or bright orange outfits, and she isn’t afraid to wear mini skirts or heels with shorts if she thinks it looks good. Because of this, Bulma’s style has influenced many real-life women (including yours truly!) who want to look stylish without compromising their self-respect or modesty. This article lists the 10 best Bulma outfits of all time, as voted on by me and my friends. I hope you like them!

1) Blue floral top, black pants

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: Is it really the best outfits list if one of them is just black pants? However, I think we can all agree that blue and black go well together. In fact, didn’t Piccolo wear something similar in Dragon Ball Z? Okay, fine. If we’re talking about fashion from Dragon Ball Z (and not just any clothing from DBZ), then we have to go back to Goku’s orange shirt.

2) Stripped crop top, red cardigan, white pants

A crop top is perfect for showing off her hourglass shape for a look that’s in line with Bulma’s curvaceous figure. She also looks incredibly stylish with her red cardigan and white pants. This outfit is definitely one to watch on repeat.

3) Gray cropped jumper, pink shirt underneath

This is one of my favorite outfits for showing off her amazing legs. It’s a cute, casual look but still super fashionable and stylish! Her outfit consists of a gray crop top with an attached grey vest, a pink shirt underneath, and burgundy pants. She wears knee-high socks which add a little something to it. You can find items similar here. What makes her outfit stand out is her glasses! Her go-to pieces are wayfarer style shades which you can find here or in any optical store.

4) White tops with black leggings

Bulma is a firm believer in black and white as a fashion combo, but she doesn’t just throw them together haphazardly. A crisp white top with long sleeves is made all kinds of awesome when paired with a pair of fitted black leggings and heels. Try it and tell us we’re wrong! You can either keep her look simple or go for two colors (and two patterns!) by adding an animal print scarf to the mix!

5) Grey blazer, cropped black top underneath

The outfit to beat all outfits. On its own, a classic black top and grey blazer make for an ideal professional look but throw in some chunky heels and a thin waist belt and it’s clear why Bulma is everyone’s favorite Dragon Ball Z heroine.

6) Black and a white striped sweater, pink leggings, grey scarf

As you can see, sometimes it’s best to stick with just a few colors. While there may be some people out there who would argue that they’re not a fan of black and white stripes, it works so well in visually drawing your eye up her legs and to her face.

7) Red jacket over pink top and jeans, red bag

Is a bold color combination, but also very feminine. Bulma’s red jacket shows off her shapely arms and gives dimension to her outfit. Her pink top is tucked in, creating a feminine look that contrasts well with her toned torso. Her jeans are perfectly fitted, highlighting her curves while allowing room for movement. The addition of red boots gives an unexpected pop to what would otherwise be an effortless outfit. The red sunglasses provide just enough color and pop without overpowering or distracting her ensemble and makeup.

8) Open brown jacket over blue shirt and jeans

Bulma wears a simple brown coat over a blue shirt and jeans in one of her most casual looks, appearing in both her manga debut and one of Dragon Ball’s first anime arcs. The look is effortlessly stylish, perfect for hanging out with friends or just heading to school or work. It’s also an excellent way to mix up your wardrobe without spending much time or money—something that any busy DBZ fan can appreciate!

9) Long-sleeved navy dress over light blue underlay

Vegeta’s proclamation that she was beautiful remains one of Dragon Ball Z’s most romantic moments. Wearing a long-sleeved dress fit for royalty and an underlay that perfectly offsets her voluminous blonde tresses, it remains our favorite outfit of hers, even decades later. Though we do wish she hadn’t worn it during her father’s impromptu death ceremony!

10) The girl’s night out outfit

This is where Bulma outfits get a little bit interesting, so listen up. There’s a great deal of difficulty in making casual clothes look fashionable or stylish but with Bulma, you can pull it off as long as you use some imagination. Wear your favorite jeans and an airy top, preferably with a sleeve because it looks amazing when paired with shorts. Then add on to your outfit by wearing cool accessories like flat pumps and gold jewelry.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list and that it serves you well. If there’s anything missing from our list, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below. For your convenience, we have also included quick links to each category so that you can get back to your favorites more quickly. Good luck and happy blogging!

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