Top 10 Best Chola Outfits in 2022

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chola outfits

Cholas have become a very popular street style to follow, and it’s no wonder why when you look at the many unique Chola outfits that are out there! Whether you want to dress like a Chicago girl or just wear some cool Chola earrings, there are plenty of ideas to choose from when it comes to the style of your Chola clothing. Check out these 10 outfits and get inspired to start putting together your own combination of Chola clothing!

1) Denim skirt

best chola outfits

A dark denim skirt is perfect for dressing up a casual tee or sweatshirt. Pair it with a statement necklace and some tall boots, and you’ve got yourself a seriously killer Chola outfit. A denim skirt works best with lighter-colored tops—think white, red, blue, or yellow—to offset its dark hue. However, if you do wear darker shades of denim make sure that your top is not too bright. Go bold or go home.

2) Drop waist dress

best chola outfits for women

Drop waist dresses are super-flattering because they allow your waist to look smaller. If you’re trying to pull off a Chola outfit, a drop waist dress is your best bet because it tapers down to your hips, allowing you to show off some booty without showing too much skin. Plus, drop-waist dresses make great layering pieces in cooler weather.

3) Sleeveless dress

chola outfit

Wearing sleeveless dresses and other clothing in warm weather can be seen as a bold fashion choice, but if you own it right, you can pull it off. If you are a fan of Chola outfits, then wearing sleeveless dresses or tops will show off your arms while keeping your body cool and comfortable. Choosing sleeveless dresses that emphasize your hips will make you appear more feminine and longer-legged.

4) Plus-size dresses

cholo outfits

If you’re not familiar with what a Chola is, they are women who have long hair and dress in typical, urban-looking clothing (usually sporty) like Dickies, Adidas, and bandanas. They wear baggy clothes that accentuate their curves for an overall thick look. If you want to get into it, even more, check out KLC Clothing for more tips on how to dress like a Chola.

5) Cut off shorts

chola outfit for teen

When it comes to Chola fashion, cut-off shorts are a classic. They’re simple, casual, and comfortable. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chola/cholos, they’re a Mexican-American street gang whose members typically identify themselves by wearing heavy makeup and baggy clothes.

6) Print maxi dress

chola outfits maxi

It’s one of those styles that will never go out of style. The maxi dress features a loose, flowy silhouette that emphasizes your femininity and adds a little drama to your wardrobe. Choose from classic black and white or bright, summery colors for versatility in any season. Add cut-out sandals and gold jewelry for an easy party look or add wedges and a structured jacket for something more polished. Keep maxi dresses as versatile as possible with fresh accessories each time you wear them!

7) Embroidered top

chola outfits with tops

The first thing a Chola girl can never leave her house without is an embroidered top. Embroidery has been used in Mexico since Pre-Columbian times and is still used today, with many iconic designs that have come down through generations. Most people associate it with being chic, but what do you do when you are planning to go out and don’t want to be too conspicuous?

8) Trousers

chola outfits with jeans

Even though Nicholas wears baggy pants and jeans as street clothes, I found it hard to find a good pair of plain denim or cotton Chola pants. Many were made out of polyester or too tight. It was difficult to find a pair that had a looser fit and didn’t bunch at my ankles. If you’re looking for Chola-style pants, try these from American Eagle or H&M. Also check your local thrift store for some great vintage finds!

9) Maxi skirt

chola outfits with skirt

This skirt is tight at the top and flares out from below your waist. It covers everything from your waist to your ankles, making it perfect for work or school. You can either wear them without a shirt or with a loose tank top for a more modest look. Pair it with a thick choker and cute heels, and you’re ready to go! This look is also ideal for girls with long legs who want to make their legs appear even longer.

10) Jumpsuit

chola outfits with jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is perfect for chilly nights, as it covers your legs and keeps you warmer than wearing a skirt or shorts. Pairing your favorite Chola look with an oversized sweatshirt and beanie completes an outfit that’s both fashionable and functional. Complete the outfit with some cute slip-on sneakers or moccasins, and grab your favorite Chola! The way these outfits are put together gives them their own style points. Beads also play a huge role in many of these styles.

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