The Top 10 Best Jade West Outfits

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Jade West Outfits

Shows like The Bold and the Beautiful are always full of fashionable outfits, and these outfits often come from great fashion designers like Jade West. So today we’re going to take a look at the top 10 best Jade West outfits that you can see on The Bold and the Beautiful! These outfits feature trendy and stylish clothing pieces that any fan of B&B would love to wear, so it’s time to discover the best of Jade West fashion! And here they are, in no particular order…

1 – Jade in denim jacket

Jade is wearing a denim jacket over a short dress and boots. The jacket fits very well and is cinched at her waist, creating an hourglass shape. She looks stunning! The dark-colored top balances out her white-and-blue outfit and highlights her beauty. Jade always looks like she’s got it together, which makes us feel good about ourselves when we wear her styles.

2 – Jade and her leather jacket

Jade’s leather jacket looks great in her closet, and even better on her. The jacket has been a part of Jade’s style for a long time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it stays in her closet for some time to come. This Jade West outfit is something you can wear at work, out with friends, or while grabbing dinner with your significant other.

3 – Jade with stripes

How to Wear Stripes – This is a perfect example of an outfit that uses both prints and solids. Jade’s top is almost entirely made up of stripes, but she makes it work by having a solid-colored bottom. You can also try mixing solids with smaller patterns, such as flowers or diamonds. If you’re not sure how you’ll look in your new print, think of ways to minimize it: that way you’ll stay stylish while wearing something just outside your comfort zone.

4 – Jade with floral patterns

In 2012, Jade West made a statement when she wore floral patterns in all three competitions. The judges were especially fond of her on-brand looks, and even called her an iconic model who represents her generation. We are happy to see that Jade can still pull off bold outfits, though we wish it was with a splash of color! As always, she proves herself to be one of Project Runway’s most consistent contestants. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

5 – Jade with black leggings

This Jade West outfit will help you leave an impression on anyone in your way. Black leggings can be used with a variety of blouses, while a black turtleneck can bring out your lovely curves. Opt for gloves and high boots to add more pizazz to your look!

6 – Jade and denim shorts

When you want to be extra cute but only have five minutes, denim shorts and a jade-colored blouse are an easy way to look effortlessly put together. With no buttons, zippers, or even straps, your options for accessorizing are almost limitless. You can tie your blouse in front or back depending on what you’re going for that day; if you have a big meeting and want to look extra professional, tying it in front is probably your best bet.

7 – Jade as a cat burglar

When Jade West was caught trying to steal from Daria Morgendorffer’s house, we were stunned at how daring she was. She snuck into her bedroom with all of her clothes on! It turns out that cat burglars often wear normal clothing to help them blend in – it fools their victims into thinking they’re just regular people. The fact that she had no trouble slipping in and out of Daria’s home undetected suggests that she’s also a skilled thief.

8 – Spice up your life!

Women can never go wrong with a nice pair of red heels, especially when they look great with a little black dress. The popular sex symbol Marilyn Monroe helped make these shoes hot. If you’re looking for an easy way to spice up your wardrobe, put on some red pumps and try out Marilyn’s signature move of curling your index finger in front of you! It screams sensuality! Jade would definitely approve!

9 – Stunning jade west outfit against a yellow wall

This is a stunning Jade west outfit against a yellow wall, which she wore at a fashion show in 2013. The red top and black skirt made her look dazzling.

10 – Seeing Red Dress of Jade West

It’s a really pretty dress, and though we’re not sure it has anything to do with her clothing line’s name, there are red flowers all over it. It works well with both gold and silver jewelry. She’d look good in a bohemian wedding too.

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