Top 10 best jungkook outfit looks

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Top 10 best jungkook outfit looks

Jungkook of BTS (also known as the Golden Maknae or the Baby of the Group) is well-known among fans for his good looks, a dazzling smile, and kind personality. And although he’s usually the youngest in his group, Jungkook has shown that he can be mature and sophisticated when the occasion calls for it. We’ll be looking at some of Jungkook outfit most stylish in this list, so if you are inspired by his sense of fashion, check out these 10 pieces to get you started on your own personal Jungkook look!

1) Blue hoodie

If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear around the house or just lounging around, a hoodie is perfect. Jungkook wore one in a few of his older photos and looks like he was ready to watch TV and relax. The blue hoodie is comfortable, stylish, and warm so you can take your mind off other things and focus on resting at home.

2) Black shirt

If there’s one thing that BTS’ Jungkook is known for, it’s his sense of style. For BTS’ Wings Tour, Jungkook showcased an extensive collection of stylish blazers and tops—including a classy black shirt with jeans and sneakers. This is one look that will be sure to get you noticed by those around you.

3) A Pink Jacket & Lace-Up Sneakers

In one of his more recent looks, he wore a pink jacket over an orange t-shirt and a pair of red shoes. For his accessories, he had on a black belt and matching earrings. This look is one of my favorites as it’s so simple but put together at the same time! It also features one of my favorite colors – pink! This would definitely be a great outfit to wear if you’re going out with friends or if you want to go do something but still look nice and cute.

4) Grey coat

While attending an awards show in 2014, Jungkook stepped out wearing a long gray coat with long sleeves and small slits at his chest. To complement his look, he paired his attire with black pants and a pair of leather shoes. Jungkook styled his hair back into a slick ponytail to achieve a classy look for a night out on the town. To complete his ensemble, he wore black-framed glasses that accented his facial features.

5) White top

In a May 2017 interview with V Live, Jungkook claimed his favorite piece of clothing is his white and navy tee shirt. He wore it so often during BTS’s Love Yourself era that fans dubbed it The Transformation Shirt. He explained It’s comfortable because I can wear anything under it… [and] when I put on my beanie, I look cool. Cool indeed!

6) Grey top hat

In our #6 spot, we have JungKook wearing a gray top hat. This is a pretty interesting look that you won’t find very often in BTS’s fashion arsenal. The best part about it? It’s just as versatile as it is unique, so it can be worn on any occasion and works perfectly for both casual and formal outfits. Because of how well-rounded it is, we are placing it at the number Six on our list!

7) Black leather jacket

For his Spring Day MV, BTS’s oldest member Jungkook wore a long-sleeved black leather jacket over a white t-shirt with jeans and boots. The layered look is an edgy style that works for almost any occasion, especially if you pair it with a simple statement necklace or piercing. To balance out its rough vibe, pair it with soft makeup and minimal jewelry.

8) A One Shoulder Tee & Black Skinnies

At a fan event in Seoul, Jungkook rocked a loose-fitting one shoulder top and simple black skinnies. He paired it with some classic black trainers and brought his locks back into a messy side-parted hairstyle that looked great! His metallic silver bag added a glamorous touch to what would otherwise be an otherwise casual outfit. This is a look we’d advise rocking for street style, if you get our drift!

9) Blue leather jacket

Blue isn’t just his favorite color, it’s also one of BTS member Jungkook’s favorite items to wear on stage. We think that makes sense—who doesn’t want to look good in blue? Recently, Jungkook has been wearing a blue leather jacket during some performances. If you want to look as suave as Jungkook, invest in a simple navy blue or black biker jacket like his.

10) A Nike Sweater, Grey Denim Pants, And High-Top Sneakers

This is a look we definitely want to steal from BTS’ youngest member. It’s super casual and comfortable, but still stylish and put-together. The outfit is made up of a Nike sweater with a graphic printed on it, grey denim pants, a white shirt, and black high-top sneakers. Can you say ‘casual cool’? We sure can!

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