Top 10 Best Oversized Shirt Outfit Ideas

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Oversized Shirt Outfit

Oversized shirts have become one of the top staples of both men’s and women’s wardrobes in the last few years, with oversized shirts becoming more and more popular. However, as an oversized shirt outfit becomes more popular, it also becomes harder to find outfits that look good! We have spent hours trying to find the best-oversized shirt outfit ideas on the internet so that you don’t have to waste your time doing so! And we found some real gems; from the comfiest to the most stylish, here are our top 10 best-oversized shirt outfit ideas!

1) Best outfits ideas to match oversize shirts

When you wear oversize shirt outfits, it can look like you’re not making any effort at all, but with a few tips and tricks, you can make it look intentional. The key is to go for contrast. If your top is oversized then your bottom should be smaller and vice versa. So don’t throw on an oversize shirt without paying some attention to what else you’re wearing.

2) How to choose the right color combination

In our eyes, making a perfect outfit is all about looking great and feeling comfortable. And in our opinion, you can’t go wrong with the black and white color combination. Pick any piece from your wardrobe in black and white color, then accessorize it as per your choice and you are good to go.

3) The best patterns for oversized shirts

patterns for oversized shirts

The best pattern to use with an oversized shirt is one that has a fitted silhouette and hits just above your hips. If you’re going for a very casual, relaxed look, choose fitted pants or a skirt that ends right below your knees. Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns and styles you normally wouldn’t wear; try wearing oversized shirts with your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

4) Statement accessories ideas with an oversize shirt

Statement necklaces and jewelry are a great way to add style and personality to any outfit. This is especially true with an oversized shirt, which can easily look boring on its own. By adding pendants, earrings, or even bracelets you can create an interesting ensemble without breaking out of your comfort zone. Just follow these ideas!…

5) Tips on styling an oversize top

While oversized shirts have become increasingly popular, it’s important to be mindful of where and how you wear them. For example, if you pair an oversized shirt with skinnies (skinny jeans), it will make your legs look shorter. It’s best to wear an oversize top with pants that hit above or below your hips.

6) Big and bold jewelry pieces for an oversize shirt outfit

Have you ever worn a shirt and thought, If only I had a big necklace to match? Or maybe a statement watch that would complete my oversize shirt outfit? I have! As such, today we are going to showcase some of our favorite jewelry pieces and accessories. My goal is to help you pick out just one piece that will give your outfit the finishing touch it needs.

7) Scarves – how to wear them with an oversize shirt outfit?

The key to making your oversized shirt outfit more fashionable is adding accessories, like a scarf. The easiest way to wear a scarf with an oversize shirt is by just wrapping it around your neck and tying it in front. Another option is to do what model Melissa Odabash does and wrap it around your entire outfit, either tying or using clips as she does in her photo above. To add even more color, try knotting two scarves together so you have one long scarf instead of two shorter ones.

8) Shoes, boots, sandals, bags, and belts – our favorites!

Here is a short selection of boots, sandals, belts, and bags that are part of our current wardrobe. All you need to do is add your favorite oversized shirt! If you want to read more about any of these products or find similar items in other colors, click on their name.

9) What accessories you can forget about with an oversize top?

With an oversized top, you can be carefree and stylish. The best thing about these shirts is that they don’t require much to make them look good. You can simply tuck it in and you are good to go! Also, if it gets windy out, it won’t matter because your shirt will not fly up showing everything underneath. Besides all of those reasons why oversized tops are a great choice for everyone, they also look amazing on almost everyone with every body type.

10) Chokers – what style will go well with your favorite oversize top?

Chokers are still popular in 2022 and will continue until another jewelry trend sweeps through. Chokers go well with almost any type of shirt and there’s a good chance you have at least one choker that you wear regularly. If you don’t, go shopping!

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