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Ramo Buchon

Sombreros, maracas, flowers, and a whole lot of confetti: That’s what you can expect from a ramo buchon parade. The festive procession is one of Mexico’s most famous traditions. Once reserved for Carnival time Ramos is now performed in dozens of Mexican cities throughout the year. While every city has its own style of celebrating with flowers, there are some commonalities among all Ramos. For example, they always involve music (often played by marching bands), confetti, and plenty of dancing. Oh, and did we mention flowers? Lots of flowers! In fact, flowers are so important to these celebrations. Sometimes entire flower gardens get transported to town squares just to decorate them for these festivities. So if you’ve ever wondered what a Ramo buchon is or why it exists, read on to learn more about these colorful parades.

Meanings of Ramo

The word ramo comes from the Spanish word rama, which means branch or shoot. A ramo buchon is also known as a flower bouquet parade because it features dozens of flower-covered floats and marching bands that are reminiscent of flower arrangements. These parades are so named because they take place during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) when Catholics around Mexico celebrate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection with processions that feature flowers and music.
The most famous ramo buchon takes place in Guadalajara, Jalisco—Mexico’s second-largest city. In addition to being one of Mexico’s most historic towns, Guadalajara has an especially large population of mariachi musicians who make their living performing at weddings and other events throughout the year.

Here are the Top 10 Ramo buchon flowers outfits

Preserved Red Roses

The Impressions gift box has been carefully crafted with a contemporary style and design to make this gift a truly exceptional and unique one. The roses have been 100% naturally preserved & the box is made out of all-natural wood. The box comes in 3 large pieces that connect together. The large roses are inserted into the top of the box and cover the small roses. The box has a very natural look to it and it is not as shiny as the pictures. The box is designed to last 3 years. You can open the box and smell the beautiful roses!
Preserved roses are popular gifts to give someone because they last so much longer than fresh-cut roses. Plus, they’re more economical and they don’t wilt. Each box contains one dozen premium red roses preserved in a box. It’s a great gift for any occasion. The roses are shipped to you in a special box. You must open the box within a month of shipping, or they will die. The roses are preserved in a glass-like display case that you hang on the wall. The box is sealed to keep out moisture and dirt. You can use it for up to three years. The roses are made to last for one year, but you can use them for three years if you take good care of them.
Red roses symbolize love, romance, and passion and convey thankfulness and gratitude. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones on all occasions.
• Premium Roses Preserved in Glass Vase – Large Premium cut roses with long stems in a beautiful glass vase that will last for three years. Roses have a wonderful, long-lasting scent that can be enjoyed any time of the year.
• Great Gift – Long Lasting, not perishable, perfect for all occasions. A truly special gift if you want to express your affection and love, a nice way to say Happy Anniversary or Thinking of You, or to say Thank You!

Rose Flower Bear

This 10-inch hugging teddy bear is dressed up in a rose flower dress, an Housse hat, and a Rose Flower Bear -10inch Rose Teddy Bear – Over 250 Dozen Flowers jewelry. The flower bouquet includes a dozen or so roses. The most adorable and perfect teddy bear gifts for Easter, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year, or any Special Occasion that might bring a smile to her face.
So adorable and so sweet, this teddy bear is just what you need to make your life great! Perfect for a gift to a loved one.
• You will get a 10 inch So soft and cute teddy bear with a pink ribbon on her neck
• The perfect gift or present for any special occasion like birthday, graduation, anniversary, parties, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas.
• Made from soft material, high quality!
• Gives a good cuddling experience!
• Perfect gift for your loved one.

Yamonic Preserved Real Rose in Glass Angel Figurines

Yamonic is a production company based in the United States. We are proud to present our real rose in glass angel figurines that make the perfect gift for your loved ones. These elegant and classy figurines are made of handcrafted glass and rose petals. We hope that you enjoy making the angel of happiness in your life. Our rose-in glass angel figurines are available in the following sizes:
• The Perfect Gift for Mom – Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your mom or grandma.
• Elegant Rose and Angel Figurine – A beautifully crafted glass angel figurine featuring a preserved rose in the hand.
• Made with Organic Materials for a Natural and Pure Romantic Atmosphere: All roses are carefully selected and preserved under strictly controlled conditions to ensure that they retain the same natural beauty that nature gave them.
• No Traces of Synthetic Preservatives or Chemicals: All roses are 100% natural products, made with organic materials, have no traces of synthetic preservatives or chemicals, and never lose their natural beauty or freshness.

Colorful Crystal Forever Flower Rose with Led String Light in Glass Dome

Long-lasting flowers, 3D rose, very life-like, deliver the natural beauty and elegance in the simplest of ways. Quality flowers, exquisite designs. It is a classic way to surprise your friends, colleagues, or family. You can view our LED light night lamps in different themes and styles to find the perfect one for you.
• It is a perfect gift for your lover.
• It is a romantic decoration for weddings, Christmas, birthdays, parties, etc.
• The “Lifetime” LED night lights with 4 different lighting effects: steady on, slow frequency flashing, fast frequency flashing, and off mode. Make your night become more wonderful.
• It is made of high-quality acrylic material which makes it looks more beautiful.

BenCentre 7″ White & Greenery Artificial Flowers

BenCentre 7″ White & Greenery Artificial Flowers Wedding Bouquet for Ivory Bridesmaid Bouquet Are you looking for a faux wedding bouquet for your bridesmaids? This BenCentre 7″ White & Greenery Artificial Flowers Wedding Bouquet for Ivory Bridesmaid is a wonderful choice for your gorgeous ladies. It is made of high-quality and durable material. This bridal bouquet is ideal for home decoration and wedding decoration. It will bring your wedding day a romantic and elegant look. Don’t hesitate to buy one to start making your dream a reality.
This bridesmaid bouquet has been decorated with a vibrant mix of artificial green and white flowers, with a few ivory accent flowers mixed in.
• The best artificial flowers collection you need, BenCentre artificial white and greenery wedding bouquet will make your wedding easy, convenient, and affordable.
• Our white and greenery wedding bouquet is made of premium silk, so it is soft and sturdy, meaning it will wash well and last for years.
• Greenery & White Artificial Flowers – Wedding bouquet for bridesmaid gift for the bride to be
• Perfect for Home Decor- Can be set in a vase and used at home as a mini home decor to refresh your home.
• Weight of the artificial flowers – 3.5 oz

Mekorlody Romantic Rose Bear Gifts for mother

Rose Teddy Bear is the perfect gift for your mom and is available in many colors and styles. This unique teddy bear for mom comes with a beautiful bouquet of roses. This sweet teddy bear and bouquet of roses mom gift set is a wonderful way to surprise mom for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion. This beautiful rose teddy bear’s romantic gift idea for mom is a perfect birthday present. It also includes a special engraved message from her child, which makes this a truly unique gift for the mom. Rose Teddy Bear – Unique Mom Gifts for Mothers Day comes with a free gift box.
• Unique Gift For Mom, Perfect For Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, and Christmas Day.
• Cute Teddy Bear, Soft And Huggable – Made of high-quality plush material, this teddy bear is very soft and huggable. It is a good choice for you to gift your friends or family members.
• Size Detail – Height: 11.5 inch/29 cm; Weight: 393 g; Head circumference: 13.6 inch/34 cm; Body length: 8.7 inch/22 cm;

Veryhome Artificial Red Flowers Silk Roses

Very home Artificial Red Flowers Silk Roses are an excellent way to bring beauty to your home environment. A simple flower, these artificial silk roses can turn dull and boring walls into something exquisite. No matter what your style, if you’re looking for a dash of ambiance to your surroundings, these silk roses are the perfect addition.
• This beautiful bouquet of silk roses is perfect for weddings, Valentine’s day, home decor, wedding parties, and a great gift for your sweetheart
• Each stem is approx. 7″ in height and the flower size is approx. 4.5″-5″.
• Every stem is a green plastic stem that is flexible and sturdy enough to be inserted into a vase
• The red color makes a unique presence in the wedding decorations and will attract everyone’s attention.
• Your friends and family will be impressed, and you’ll be happy and proud of this gorgeous bouquet

Preserved Real Rose with Necklace in a Box

Say it with roses! Our preserved rose is handpicked from some of the world’s most sought-after rose farms, including Colombia and Kenya. Gently handpicked, then preserved in a specially blended mixture of preservative wax, this rose is preserved to perfection and comes with a necklace in a box. Give that handmade keepsake filled with love to your significant other or that special someone.
• A perfect gift for mom and grandma.
• Express your love in a way that lasts forever.
• Like picking a real rose, Love Captured in a Bottle lasts up to 60 years.
• Free certificate for the real rose and free jewelry stand for the jewelry with every purchase.
• The preserved real rose is inserted in a high-quality, beautiful jewelry pendant where it will last forever.
• Pendant comes with a FREE jewelry stand.

Red Roses 50 Fresh Cut Flowers

Surprise someone special with a gift they’ll be sure to treasure with this beautiful bouquet of red roses. A timeless symbol of love and affection, these roses come in a beautiful vase that will make any room more welcoming.
This item is made of fresh-cut red roses. Each stem has about two to three blooms, with a mixture of reds, pinks, and purples, and most are about 6 to 9 inches long. Colors may vary slightly from what is shown in the photos.
• Freshly Cut, Fresh Flowers: These lovely red roses have been cut in the field and shipped directly to you.
• Bouquet: A beautiful hand-tied bouquet of 50 premium red roses, perfect for the office, home, or any special occasion.

AROMEO Red Roses Gift That Lasts

When you truly want to surprise your special someone with a gift that will always remind them of you, then choose AROMEO Red Roses Chocolates. You can also make it exciting by adding other chocolates or giving your special someone a combination of gifts. The choice is yours. You can also add a message for your special someone so that they will feel your love even after reading your message. This gift will surely bring a smile to their face and yours.
When you want to get your loved one something special that lasts, gift them with a bouquet of beauty, elegance, and floral wonder with Aromatherapy Associates’ Red Roses Gift. Featuring an absolute treasure trove of delightful petals, this luxurious bouquet will have them thinking about you for weeks. It’s so good, it’s almost a shame to give it to them. Available in a variety of colors and bouquets, AROMEO will have you falling in love over and over again.
• Simply a beautiful gift of lasting beauty
• It is a gift that can be enjoyed in various ways, whether with a loved one or not.
• The AROMEO Red Roses Gift That Lasts is also a symbol of some of the most enduring qualities of love – they last, they keep coming back, they look as good now as they will down the road and they can be enjoyed in various ways.
• It is a perfect gift for any occasion with that special someone.
• AROMEO Red Roses Gift That Lasts is grown by expert growers and is carefully packed by hand.

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