Top 10 Best Role Play Outfits for Couples

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Best Role Play Outfits for Couples

If you and your partner are interested in exploring role play sex, you’ll need to get some appropriate outfits to wear during the act. Of course, the type of outfit will depend on the specific role-play scenario you’re acting out, but certain outfits seem to come up more often than others when it comes to couples role-playing in bed. Here are the top 10 best role play outfits for couples and some ideas about where you can shop for them if you’re interested in adding any of these to your collection of kinky gear!

1 – Sexy Cop

This role-play outfit is great for people who like being in control. The police officer’s uniform looks great on most people, and with a few modifications (like shortening it or removing certain accessories), it can be tailored to whatever you want your fantasy to be. It also offers a lot of options—you can be strict and tough or kind and helpful! You could also get creative with your partner by going undercover: tell them that they’re under arrest, and let their imagination go wild from there.

2 – Leopard Print Bikini

If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your role-playing outfit, then a sexy leopard print bikini is exactly what you need. This outfit isn’t too slutty, but it will definitely make your partner want to start role-playing! The best part is that leopard print looks amazing on just about anyone.

3 – Sexy Maid

This may seem like a bit of cliché, but if your fantasy is a sexy maid, why not put it to good use? This role play outfit includes a shirt with pockets and a skirt that looks more like an oversized belt than clothing. And before you protest about being seen in public in such attire, know that there are ways to be discreet about it. Stick to dark colors (black is always best) and match your skirt with some stylish boots.

4 – Secretary Costume

This role play outfit is one of our personal favorites. Perfect for a steamy CEO and secretary or teacher and student, you can use your imagination to fulfill any fantasy. A classic outfit, it’s perfect if you want something quick and easy to slip into. This is one of those outfits that will bring out your inner naughty girl…or boy!

5 – Police Officer Uniform

This can be used in role-play scenes where you and your partner are playing law enforcement, working together to keep things safe and lawful. This includes uniforms with badges, hats, guns, and handcuffs. Top it off with a police cruiser or cop car bed with lights that light up when you turn them on! Your kids will love pretending to keep order all over town. #4 – Superhero Costume: Children love superheroes! Help their imaginations run wild by making them feel like they have special powers, too.

6 – School Girl Uniform

While school girl costumes are fun, there’s nothing sexier than a role play in which your girl-next-door fantasy looks like she could be your real-life student. Make sure you buy from a high-quality retailer like Cherry Girl. You don’t want to mess around with second-rate costumes when it comes to sex (or any other part of your relationship). And there are plenty of counterfeit items on Amazon. Stick with trusted brands like Cherry Girl and you won’t be disappointed!

7 – Little Red Riding Hood Costume

This outfit is great for people who want to go all out in their role play. It’s designed to make your partner feel like he or she is being eaten by a wolf. But you’ll never look better as a werewolf than you do when wearing it. This particular outfit has a heart-shaped red hood that comes with an attached matching cape. Which is perfect if you don’t want anyone seeing too much of your body.

8 – Sexy Prisoner

Don’t have time to go to a costume store? Don’t worry, there are plenty of roles you can play right in your bedroom. Pick up some cuffs and chains, and role play as a sexy police officer or convict. And let your partner decide if you’re guilty or innocent. There are plenty of options out there that allow you to spice things up between your sheets without having to jump into an elaborate production.

9 – Bad Girl Domme Attire

While a dominant woman doesn’t always have to be dressed in tight leather. She does usually wear clothing that is more revealing and tighter than her submissive partner. She wants to exude sexuality and will likely choose something with lace, ribbons, or other feminine details. Black is always a good choice but sometimes it’s fun to be bold with colors like red, and pink.

10 – Lingerie For Your Lover

A lingerie is an ideal gift to give your significant other especially. If they are a little shy about flaunting their sexy side. A lingerie is easy to slip on and out of when you don’t want to keep it on but it’s still incredibly sexy. You can go with a schoolgirl outfit or French maid costume depending on what you think your partner will like. Plus, lingerie looks amazing under other clothing and can be worn again in other settings.

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