Top 10 Best Vaquera Outfits

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Top 10 Best Vaquera Outfits

A vaquera outfit includes the traditional attire worn by the women of Mexico’s southwestern state of Jalisco. Also known as Chilean clothing, this traditional Mexican dress combines an embroidered rebozo shawl with an embroidered blouse and skirt, and intricate embroidery is often used to accentuate the outfit even further. There are many vaqueros in Mexico, but here are 10 that deserve extra attention on your part.

1) What are some traditional Vaquera outfits?

A vaquera outfit refers to any type of clothing worn by a Vaquera, which is a female rider who rides primarily or exclusively on a horse. When riding a horse for both pleasure and competition, it’s essential to wear appropriate attire, not only for safety but also to help enhance your experience on your mount. That said, what exactly makes up traditional Vaquera outfits?

1) embroidered rebozo shawl

Top 3 Best Pick Out of 95

Mexican Handmade Colorful Rebozo Shawl

Rebozo shawls are 100% cotton, handmade, and designed using traditional Mexican loom weaving techniques. The shawls are hand-dyed using natural dyes and embroidered with intricate designs. This is a warm and lightweight shawl that is perfect for use as a scarf, shawl, or table runner. It is large enough to be worn as a shawl or you can use it as a scarf and let the ends hang down. It measures approximately 32×82 inches.

Navy Blue Wool Shawl Embroidered With Pink & Red Flowers

100% Wool Shawl with exquisite embroidered detailing with Pink and Red Flowers. The shawl is beautiful and easy to drape for any outfit. Perfect for all seasons. One size.
This beautiful shawl will make a fashion statement wherever you go! Would make a wonderful gift for someone special in your life. The shawl measures 34 inches by 70 inches.

DANA XU 100% Pure Mulberry Satin Silk Shawl Large Size

The Dana XU Mulberry Satin Silk Shawl is made of natural mulberry silk, soft and stylish, the shawl is long, elegant, easy to carry, and easy to match your cloth and highlight your individuality. This 100% Mulberry Satin Silk shawl features a classic design that will be an elegant addition to your wardrobe for years to come. Whether you choose to wear it as a scarf, throw shawl, or scarf shawl, it’s sure to bring you endless compliments and a touch of indulgence.

embroidered rebozo shawl

A big-patterned shawl is a great way to add instant vaqueros vibes to your outfit. Keep it simple with jeans, or layer it over one of our rompers for a new take on vaquera’ classic look. It’s also a super versatile piece that can be worn in multiple ways—you can even use it as a blanket! Our embroidered rebozo shawl makes an awesome gift. It comes in several colors so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

2) Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat

Most people associate a cowboy hat with cowboys. But, there is no place where it’s more appropriate to wear one than at a Vaquera event. These hats are not just for riding horses, but also for rodeos and even for a night out on town. Cowboy hats come in different styles so make sure you pick one that fits your style, your face type, as well as your personality.

3) Best Vaquera t-shirts

If you’re a vaqueros or Cowboys fan, then you should consider buying these best vaquero t-shirts for yourself. The t-shirts come in various colors, sizes, and patterns that would surely meet your needs. Another best thing about these products is that they are made of high-quality materials, making them more durable. No matter where you go with them, they’ll always look great.

4) Comfortable and Stylish Boots

vaquera boots

Nothing works better with a vaqueros outfit than a good pair of cowboy boots. If you want to look good in your shoes, make sure that they are made of leather, preferably natural leather that has not been altered in any way. It is also important to remember that short cowboy boots won’t go well with jeans and long pants. And as far as brands are concerned, it’s best to stay away from cheap brands as they don’t last long.

5) The coolest belts for vaqueros

vaquera belts

No outfit is complete without a good belt. Chances are you already have one, but did you know that there are many different varieties of belts? The most common is an all-purpose leather belt, which works just fine. However, if you’re looking for something more unique, you might want to check out some of these other great options.

6) Vaquera pants

vaquera pants

A vaqueros pants, also known as chaps or chaparral, is a leather garment designed to protect you from getting injured while riding your horse. The pants are widely used in many countries of Latin America but were made famous by Mexican cowboys. While these pants look very similar to jeans, they are different in both color and style. If you’re trying to make an outfit with a distinctly country look without going for cowboy boots and a belt buckle set you can use vaquero pants.

7) Vaquera blouse

vaquera blouse

Vaqueras is one of those wardrobe items that always seem to come in handy when you’re looking for something to wear. They’re comfortable, flirty, and feminine—and with a few cool designs, they can also make you look incredibly chic. Check out these vaqueros for women if you want an outfit that will turn heads wherever you go!

8) On Trend Jewelry Pieces to go with your Outfit

Accessories always make an outfit complete. If you want to look amazing, make sure you carry accessories that are in trend and can enhance your personality. For example, if you wear a shirt with a collar, pair it up with a statement necklace, wear high-waisted pants, and add some stylish earrings to complete your look.

9) Hairbands for Girls with long Hair

For those with thick, long hair, it can be hard to find hairbands that don’t pull or snag your locks. If you are looking for soft bands, try experimenting with cloth ponytail holders instead of plastic-y hair ties. These will not leave a dent in your mane!

10) Vaquera jeans

Vaqueros are named after Mexican cowboys, who wore their pants in a style similar to that of modern-day jeans. Choosing a good pair of authentic, high-quality jeans can be tricky. There are many different styles out there, and you want to make sure you’re getting something that will fit your body type well. If you’re looking for vaqueros (aka cowboy jeans), here are some.

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