Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

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Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular over the past few years. From feminine lace to racy leather, there are many options out there to help you look great in your sexy photoshoot. To make things easier, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best boudoir outfit ideas on the market today!

1) Sexy Lingerie

Your choice of underwear is one of your most important boudoir outfit ideas. You might be tempted to go for something like what you usually wear—cotton granny panties, maybe? That’s a huge no-no. Wear a bra and underwear that accentuate your best features (smooth everything out), are comfortable, and that you feel beautiful in. Nude or black is probably your best bet; red tends to wash you out if you aren’t tanned enough.

2) Cute Underwear

A good boudoir outfit doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to showcase your best assets. Start with cute underwear in a color that matches your skin tone. Even if you wear baggy clothes, you’ll feel great with cute undies peeking out beneath your clothes. Don’t just stop at panties—matching bras are equally important.

3) Sexy Stockings

Stockings are a perfect go-to to add sex appeal to any outfit. You can combine them with a variety of lingerie pieces or wear them on their own, but keep in mind that if you want to avoid looking too slutty, you should pair your stockings with something classy like a dress or skirt rather than a bikini. When wearing fishnet stockings, be sure to also opt for closed-toe shoes—you’ll look more elegant and refined rather than trashy!

4) Pumps Or Heels

It’s time to put down your stilettos, your six-inch platforms, and your inch heels. If you’re trying to look sexy in front of a camera, nothing will do that better than a cute pair of pumps or heeled sandals. Heels are definitely an acquired taste but they can make all of your outfits – from casual to fancy – appear sexier and more sophisticated. Think you’re too young for heels?

5) Garter Belt And Thong

You’ve likely heard of lingerie pieces like garter belts and thongs before, but what are they? Garter belts are typically made of leather or lace and fasten around your hips. They have suspender straps that attach to your bra with clips. A garter belt usually has 3-6 suspender straps.

6) Fishnet Bodystocking

If you are looking for something a little bit sexy to wear that’s also easy to get into, then go with a fishnet bodystocking. Fishnet is very popular nowadays, so you can find it in many different colors and styles—especially if you go with a piece like a bodystocking. A fishnet bodystocking is great because it works as both an undergarment and as an outer layer.

7) Satin Robe

A satin robe is an essential boudoir outfit idea. It can be worn with lingerie or worn alone. When wearing it with lingerie, you’ll want to purchase a robe that matches your lingerie set. A black satin robe, paired with a black bra and thong would be stunning, and one of our top boudoir outfit ideas! Satin robes are available in many different colors.

8) Sexy Teddies

Add a sensual and seductive touch to your outfit with something as simple as teddies. Sexy teddies look amazing in photos, but be sure to think about whether or not it’s a look you want to pull off. If you want something more playful, go for a tiny and brightly colored pair of panties that leave little to the imagination. When choosing lingerie for boudoir shoots, don’t forget about other pieces of clothing like tops and jackets.

9) Bondage Accessories

Don’t want to invest in an entire outfit? Add a touch of flair to what you already own with a few accessories. Why not try some thigh-high stockings and sky-high heels? (Check out our top 10 suggestions for heels that will make him swoon.) Make sure you have everything secured properly because there’s nothing more embarrassing than ending up on YouTube for all your friends to see. Don’t let it happen! Use safety pins if needed.

10) Sets Of Clothing

If you’re planning to take some photos of yourself, you don’t want to rely on only one set of clothing. Try collecting two or three boudoir outfits so that you have a variety of looks in your wardrobe. Each outfit should be unique enough to be distinguishable from any other photo shoots you do—even if they include similar outfits, make sure each one is entirely different.

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