Top 10 Best Country Club Outfits

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Top 10 Best Country Club Outfits

A country club can be an intimidating place to visit if you aren’t properly dressed, but if you want to fit in and enjoy yourself, you need to find the right outfit that matches the culture of the country club without being too flashy or garish. As with most fashion choices, your style should depend on your own personal tastes as well as what others are wearing at the country club, so it’s important to pay attention to other people around you while still feeling comfortable in your outfit. Here are the Top 10 Best Country Club Outfits.

1) A LBD

If you’re looking for something versatile and sexy, it doesn’t get much better than an LBD. A Little Black Dress is a classic look that can be dressed up or down depending on what accessories you choose. You can wear them to work, to happy hour with friends, or out on dates. The possibilities are endless. Make sure you own at least one LBD if you want to be prepared for any of life’s many opportunities—and then make sure it is flattering!

2) Comfortable Shoes

sports Shoes
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When you’re playing sports, you want to make sure your shoes are comfortable and fit well. You don’t want to be distracted by blisters or an ankle that’s falling asleep. For most sports, tennis shoes will be perfect, but if it is a more formal setting, remember that lace-up dress shoes can also look great. Just make sure they aren’t too tight or thick with socks!

3) Sports Dresses

Sports Dresses
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If you’re looking for a comfortable dress that’s suitable for both night out and a day at work, consider one made of sportswear. Many sports brands have recently expanded their collection to include dresses and shorts. Although they may not exactly look like a typical sundress, they can be quite versatile and comfortable enough to wear from morning jog through office meetings—even if you plan on making it an extra-long work day.

4) Summer Pieces

Summer Pieces
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Golf season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to dust off those old country club outfits and update your wardrobe. You’re going to want to bring something fashionable, but a little on the casual side. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered with a list of top outfits that will make sure you’re looking good all summer long.

5) Light Jackets

Light Jackets
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It can be tricky to figure out what will be appropriate for a country club outing. Because of all of your options, you may want to bring along an extra layer just in case it gets cool. A light jacket is a great option because it’s easy to transport and will keep you comfortable when temperatures get chilly.

6) Blazers

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One of your best bets for hitting a country club or cocktail event is always going to be a good blazer. You can wear it with just about anything; whether you want to go with khakis and a button-down or dark denim, you can do it. Every man should have at least one good blazer in his closet.

7) Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry
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Statement necklaces and earrings, or rings, are a great way to add some extra flair to your country club outfit. Many fashion experts recommend wearing a necklace that is bold enough to make a statement but not so bold that it will distract from your overall outfit. Statement jewelry can be expensive, however, you don’t need to purchase an expensive piece in order to bring some sophistication into your look.

8) Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals
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Flat sandals are my go-to when I want to keep it casual for a country club event. A simple dress and flat sandals create a sophisticated look that isn’t overstated, making them perfect for warm-weather events and occasions. You can’t go wrong with these, in my opinion. Plus, flats always make your feet look smaller (bonus). I love these ones here because they can easily be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize them.

9) The Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress
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Let’s face it: no country club outfit is complete without a little black dress. It’s always appropriate and never goes out of style. Invest in one classic LBD and you can wear it to weddings, Christmas parties, and cocktail hours for years to come. We like The Row’s star-embellished version . . . or if that doesn’t sound like your speed, try a classic option from Ralph Lauren or J Crew.

10) Separates

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If you’re headed to a high-profile event, it’s worth it to invest in a few separates that can take you from day tonight. Chances are you already have all of these clothes in your closet (even if they’re hiding out in that rarely visited hanger at the back): a crisp white button-down shirt, a black pencil skirt, fitted jeans, and simple pumps or sandals will do.

Dining Attire

There’s no one best way to dress when you visit a country club. You can dress casually or formally, depending on how fancy (or relaxed) your host is. And it’s even OK to do a bit of both: wear khakis and a golf shirt while playing golf during lunch and then change into a sports jacket and slacks for dinner at night. Here are some tips to help you figure out what’s appropriate for any event you plan to attend at your favorite country club.

Tennis & Pickleball Attire

Tennis whites are acceptable attire at most country clubs, so go ahead and wear them to dinner. Just be sure your tennis whites match perfectly—and that they’re clean.

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