10 Stunning Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit

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10 Stunning Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit

Cowboy boots have been popular since their invention, which occurred in the mid-1800s by John A. Frye, an American who wanted to create footwear that was sturdy enough to protect his feet from the elements but comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time as he rode his horse across the Western plains on cattle drives. Since then, cowboy boots have transitioned from work footwear to being worn with western wear and even with suits! Here are 10 stunning ways to wear cowboy boots with a suit.

1) Black cowboys boots

The best way to make boots look more formal is to wear them with dress trousers and a nice shirt. In general, black leather boots are more formal than brown ones. They’re ideal for pairing with slacks or dark wash jeans. You can also try tan or natural colored boots if you want something slightly dressier than regular brown cowboy boots. Just remember that your pants should always be darker than your footwear for an elegant, sophisticated look.

2) Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots are perfect for Western-themed occasions or for men who’d like their style to resemble a western getup. And don’t worry—you can wear them in places other than Texas; it’s just that cowboys are awesome. Try pairing your lace-up boots with a slacks and pinstripe suit, and you might feel more comfortable walking into that corporate boardroom.

3) Crochet Detail Shoes

Western-inspired footwear has gone from rodeo arena to red carpet, and one style that’s still making appearances is cowboy boots. (And, no, we don’t mean your denim version!) These pretty shoes add an unexpected spin when worn with a suit: The color pops in an outfit full of neutrals and can be paired with everything from minis dresses to pantsuits.

4) Snakeskin Details

Sleek, subtle, and sophisticated—snakeskin is one of today’s hottest trends. For example, these brown and black snakeskin boots go perfectly well with your suit.

5) Buckle Design Details

It’s easy to go simple on your belt buckles and boots, especially if you’re wearing a suit because these elements already look so polished. But for an even more tailored touch, pick buckles that match your other accessories. For example, add brass buckles to give your cowboy boots an extra-tailored look when paired with brown shoes and a silver watch or cufflinks.

6) Chunky Heel & Tall Design

If you’re looking for an unusual way to wear cowboy boots with a suit, consider pairing chunky-heeled, tall boots with your workwear. This style has been popular in recent years but still feels unique—and offers some useful height when paired with shorter skirts or trousers. It’s also quite practical: These days, boot heels have become much more durable than they once were!

7) Zipper Cuff Boots

Zipper boots are great for everyday outfits. They’re perfect for pairing with jeans, khakis, and even nice shorts or chinos. A pair of zipper boots will go well with denim shirts and formal dress shirts. This gives you two good options to mix up your style on any given day without changing your accessories. Zipper boots can be paired nicely with a suit as well, which makes them excellent business casual choices.

8) Cuffed Detail Booties

For men, one way to incorporate cowboy boots into your look is with cuffed detail booties. These are trendy and have an urban feel that’s perfect for wearing in an office environment. Available in neutral and bright colors, they feature suede uppers and leather soles, so you can wear them year-round and stay comfortable all day long. Cuffed detail booties are versatile enough for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding or business meeting.

9) Metallic Detail Biker Booties

If you want an edgy and stylish look that’s sure to grab attention, then these biker booties are exactly what you need. Featuring a trendy metallic design, they add serious flair to any outfit. Plus, at 5 inches tall, they boast sky-high heels that give off major rockstar vibes. Available in several different color options, choose your favorite for your next event.

10) Novelty Shoe

The idea behind wearing cowboy boots with a suit is that you’re dressing up in Western wear. This means your belt buckle is going to be big and shiny, and your boots are going to be dangly, sparkly things (albeit ones that add height!). If you want cowboy boots that look cool but aren’t so much novelty as classic Western gear, try Frye or Roper. If you like glitter more than shine, go for Tony Lama or Justin.

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