Top 7 Effy Stonem Outfits

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 Effy Stonem Outfits
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Fifteen-year-old Effy Stonem wears her heart on her sleeve and it shows in her style. If you’re looking to channel Effy’s unique style, this list of seven Effy Stonem outfits should give you the inspiration you need to look fabulous. And if your budget is low, be sure to check out this article on inexpensive fashion options that can save you money while still giving you Effy Stonem style.

1. Dark Blue Dress with White Pocket Detail

Dark Blue Dress with White Pocket Detail
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Vibrant white top with a unique blue and white design. The dress is sleeveless and has no zippers, buttons, or fasteners. Black Lace Dress: Effy goes back to black in another black lace gown paired with her signature strappy heels. Simple and chic, this dark blue dress with white pocket detail is a true classic. The structured, shift silhouette has a fitted bodice with thin shoulder straps that lead to the relaxed skirt, which falls just above the knee. A hidden side zipper completes this simple style. It is the perfect dress for the spring season! With beautiful blue color, it will look great with a pair of nude heels and a white bag.

2. Striped Turtleneck Dress

turtleneck dress
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This black and white striped turtleneck dress is perfect for any formal occasion. Get dressed in style with this must-have striped turtleneck dress. Perfect for work or play, the classic design is timeless and can be worn all year round. A turtleneck dress is a combination of two of the most popular fashion items – turtleneck and dress. The Turtleneck Dress is ideal for those who want to stay warm while looking chic. It is available in different colors, designs, patterns, and styles making it very versatile. Keep it simple with a pair of gold earrings and nude heels. these peep-toe pumps are gorgeous from every angle; we especially love how they look from behind. Pair them with your favorite pencil skirt or crop top for an edgy look!

3. Effy’s Very Own Reiss Dress

sophisticated frock
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This sophisticated frock is a classic that never goes out of style. Effy wears it on her way to one of her first jobs as an assistant and once again when she’s back at MI5 after being reassigned as Head Girl, proving that she can pair it with anything from killer heels to flats. Thanks to The Reiss Dress, Effy’s trademark look has been fully established: sleek bob; understated makeup; opaque tights; boots or ballet flats; hidden gun. She even wears it in bed! Oh, Effie!

4. Graphic Print Skirt Suit

Graphic Print Skirt Suit
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A graphic print is a great way to take a traditional style like a suit and make it your own. It makes sense that Britney chose an all-black outfit with colorful splashes of color, especially because it’s going to be such a hit during Fashion Week. Black is always in style (as she’s proven time and time again), but we like how Brit changed up her look with a lacy black-and-white midi skirt paired with matching stilettos.

5. The All-Important Boyfriend Cardigan

Boyfriend Cardigan
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If you’re anything like me, then you are likely familiar with that which we lovingly refer to as the boyfriend cardigan. The boyfriend cardigan is a classic sweater silhouette that is characterized by a loose fit and large buttons, but that’s not all. The boyfriend cardigan also typically comes in interesting colors (i.e., beyond just your standard black or grey), at least one pocket for your cell phone, and—most importantly—some sexy detailing along the neckline. Although it’s been around for quite some time now, there hasn’t been a better time than now to dress up your look with one of these cute duds! Here are our top picks:

6. The All-Important Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt
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There’s a reason that a denim shirt is one of Effy’s most worn outfits. Denim can be dressed up with a blazer and pencil skirt or dressed down for a laid-back look. It’s versatile and easy to pair with other items in your closet, giving you tons of outfit options without getting too many pieces. When it comes to adding texture to your look, an embroidered denim shirt takes a casual outfit from 0 to 100 real quick!

7. Tangerine Oversized Blazer

Tangerine Oversized Blazer
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While tangerine might be a tad bright for day-to-day wear, it’s definitely flattering on Effy. This oversized blazer is sure to stand out at your next party. Check out our full list of fashions below. Which look is your favorite?

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