Top 10 Most Eye-Catching Killua Outfits

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Top 10 Killua Outfits

Killua from Hunter x Hunter, also known as Gon’s best friend, has an amazing sense of style that changes every single time he appears in the series. Some of his clothes are casual, and some are formal, but all of them are awesome! This article lists 10 Killua outfits that have really caught our eye – it’s up to you to decide which one looks best! The only rule was that his hair had to be the same color as the outfit, so you won’t see any images where he has black hair and wears white or red clothes.

1) Kaito’s Summer Outfit

vocaloid kaito cosplay

vocaloid kaito cosplay

Kaito’s outfit is pretty basic: blue jeans, a white shirt, and a black jacket. Not too exciting. The best part about it, though, is that Kaito looks good in anything. He’s got that natural swag that can pull off basically any fashion trend or outfit. On top of that, his confidence makes him seem even more appealing to anyone who lays eyes on him!

2) Hisoka’s Dark Shirt

hisoka shirt hunter x hunter

This was a shirt that Hisoka wore during his fight with Chrollo. It’s dark in color and features what appears to be a cartoonish version of Hisoka wearing a sash around his waist. The shirt is also embellished with many different colors of silk. This shirt has become somewhat iconic for fans of Hunter x Hunter and is still worn by many cosplayers on Halloween or other fancy dress occasions.

3) Anti-Killer Smokesuit

What makes a good outfit great? A killer new look, of course! Popular Hunter x Hunter character, Killua Zoldyck, proves that you don’t need to dress fancy to rock a killer look. However, he does like to add more than just a little flair to his wardrobe. For example, one of his more popular outfits includes an all-black ensemble with orange accents along with matching shoes and accessories.

4) Hunter Exam Uniform

Hunter Exam Uniform

The design of his tracksuit is very simple but because of him wearing it all throughout the Hunter Exam arc, its eye-catching quality has earned it a spot in the top best Killua outfits list. If you want to look like him then try our anime Merchandise Store to buy licensed clothes for adults too.

5) Zoldyck Family Traditional Attire

For a majority of Hunter x Hunter episodes, both Killua and Alluka were shown wearing traditional Zoldyck clothing. He wears a white long sleeve dress shirt with black leather pants that have red belts. He has multiple gold necklaces around his neck, with a rosary being worn on his left hand’s index finger, along with wristbands on both hands. Over his shirt, he wears a full black body suit that covers everything but his face and torso.

6) Casual Wear

There’s no time when killua looks less like himself than when he’s on a leisurely trip around town with Gon. Sure, Killua can dress up in all his finest (which is still a pretty relaxed look) and pull it off, but who wants to see that? These are some of our favorite casual wear outfits for our favorite assassin.

7) Psy Nen Suit

Among these, perhaps one of Killua’s most interesting outfit changes can be seen in episode 116 of Hunter x Hunter (2011) when he is given a Psy Nen suit to wear. The appearance of his Nen looks so bizarre that even Kurapika thinks it doesn’t suit him at all.

8) White Suit (Togashi Version)

Similar to Kurapika, Killua usually wears a tuxedo with a black vest and bow tie. In his case, however, he wears it over a long-sleeved white shirt that almost reaches his knees. He dons a black tie and also wears white gloves on both hands that reach up to his elbows. Lastly, he has brown dress shoes for footwear.

9) The Light Novel Version of Hisoka’s Dark Shirt

Hisoka’s wardrobe is one of my favorite aspects of Hunter x Hunter. He wears bold colors, but they’re not loud. They have visual weight to them; you can immediately identify Hisoka in any crowd. The dark shirt he wears in his first fight with Gon and Killua is a perfect example of how he maintains his charm while dressing well for any occasion. Here are some ways to emulate Hisoka’s style and wear your own dark shirt.

10) The Manga Version of Hisoka’s Dark Shirt

The first time we see Hisoka after he claims to have given up fighting, we find him wearing a dark shirt with shoulder pads that are absolutely covered in rhinestones. This outfit contrasts hilariously with his dour mood, and so, for fans of Hunter x Hunter, it’s also one of our favorite killua outfits. We included it on our list because it’s so unusual, especially for Hisoka.

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