Top 10 Goth Aesthetic Outfits

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Top 10 Goth Aesthetic Outfits

What is Goth Aesthetic outfits?

Gothic fashion is a style of clothing that is often dark and mysterious. The term “goth” was originally used to describe a type of music, but it eventually became associated with fashion as well.

The origin of gothic fashion can be traced back to the medieval era when people wore black clothes and decorated themselves with symbols of death. These symbols were usually crossed or skulls.

The gothic aesthetic has evolved over time and nowadays it’s not always dark. There are plenty of bright colors and patterns that can be incorporated into this style of clothes.

If you’re looking to express your inner goth, here are 10 outfits that are sure to impress even the harshest of critics. We’ve included looks from several different stores and on several different budgets, so no matter how much cash you’ve got to spend, you can create an outfit that will get you all the compliments you deserve at your next goth event.

1) Black and high waist

Black and high waist
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No doubt, it’s a tried and true look, but dark colors are no longer just reserved for winter. As long as they complement your skin tone, black, and high waist outfits can be worn year-round. Try pairing a lacy high-waist skirt with patterned tights and booties to add a touch of femininity to your look.

2) Lace

Popularized by Industrial bands and artists like Bauhaus, punk icons like Siouxsie Sioux, and goth-glam icon Marilyn Manson, lace is a great way to give your everyday wardrobe an eerie edge. Lace can be found on everything from shirts to skirts to pants, so there are plenty of opportunities for mixing and matching with other pieces in your closet. Whether you’re dressing for a night out at a metal show or for work, lace will help put together some darkly divine outfits.

3) Tights

 thigh-highs tight
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For your legs and arms, tights are a great option if you’re not looking to wear stockings. The best part is that they come in pretty much any design you can think of, so be as creative as you want! If you really want to make an impression, consider one of these 80s leg warmers. Like thigh-highs, except without all that pesky rolling up!

4) Platform boots

Platform boots
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Platform boots were a staple of goth fashion during much of its late-80s/early-90s heyday. They may not be as popular today, but they’re still going strong—and they look great with almost any outfit. For dark or daring looks, platform boots can instantly add edginess and coolness to your ensemble. We’ve found some of our favorite pairs, so go get yours today! Just don’t forget to keep ‘em shiny and new!

5) Leg warmer

Leg warmer
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The most eye-catching fashion accessory for a goth aesthetic outfits is a pair of leg warmers, often in black or some other dark color. Leg warmers are hosiery garments that go over your thighs and knees, covering much of your lower legs. They’re usually made of soft material like cotton and feature stretchy bands around each ankle so they stay firmly on your legs.

6) New Romantics look

You may have seen New Romantics popping up around town: pale skin, black lipstick, fishnets, and combat boots. While it’s easy to dismiss New Romantics as just another goth trend on its way out (the term goth used to refer to all-black attire), there are actually a lot of ways to integrate their edgy style into your everyday look. Here are a few of our favorite New Romantic outfits for those wanting an alternative look with staying power.

7) Worn clothes look

What are you going to wear tonight? The answer to that question can be tricky if you’re not particularly fond of your wardrobe. After all, who wants to put on something that is frayed and worn? For people with a goth aesthetic, however, it’s another story entirely.

8) Oversized coats

Oversized coats
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One of my favorite ways to look gothic is by wearing long oversized coats. I recently bought a coat that was so big it touched my ankles. This style may not be for everyone but it definitely has its charms. I recommend picking a color you can wear year-round and stay warm in like black, dark purple, or white. The best part about long coats is they can be worn in any season!

9) sailor

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For anyone seeking to create a goth aesthetic, nautical influences are a must. Now, I am not suggesting you go out and buy yourself a sailboat or board shorts—but there is something quintessentially seafaring about these items. They’re tough but elegant, classic but atypical. If you can’t find any of these specific items for your wardrobe, don’t fret: just about anything with a nautical print will suffice!

10) Burlesque style

One of our top picks for goth aesthetic outfits, burlesque-style is a stunning combination of feminine frills, leather details, and dark fabrics. If you’re thinking about experimenting with your look and exploring a more edgy style than your typical librarian glasses-and-wool getup, look no further than our list of burlesque styles that you can buy right now.

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