Top 10 Hottest Hannah Montana Outfits

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Top 10 Hottest Hannah Montana Outfits

When you’re as hot as Hannah Montana, you need to look good at all times. The fictional character from the popular Disney show by the same name, played by Miley Cyrus, has many of her own signatures looks that you can emulate in real life (as much as possible, anyway). Check out our top 10 hottest Hannah Montana outfits to give yourself a more stylish appearance no matter where you go!

10 – Black Dress

Hannah Montana may have a lot of fans, but not many are bold enough to sport her iconic black dress. This outfit was worn on Halloween in Hannah’s first-ever episode. We aren’t sure how many people would be brave enough to pull off an outfit like Hannah’s, but we wouldn’t dare to wear it! The dress is a one-shouldered design with lace trim and silver sequins.

9 – Sexy Sweater with Bracelet

In Hannah Montana’s ninth-best outfit, she dresses up a simple black sweater with a purple and gold bracelet. This one may not be as glamorous as some of her other outfits, but it’s still pretty cute! If you want to be cool like Miley Cyrus (or she alter ego), get yourself a similar piece. You can wear it with jeans and flats or even your favorite jeans skirt! The possibilities are endless when you have a great black sweater in your closet.

8 – Glittery Skirt

While Miley Cyrus’ character on Hannah Montana has never been one to shy away from dressing up in flashy outfits, we think her gold glitter skirt was probably one of her most daring fashion choices. While it might not be ideal for school, for a red carpet event, or another glamorous setting, Miley’s glitter skirt would certainly stand out.

7 – Red Swing Dress

With a playful print, ruffled hem, and short-sleeved design, Hannah Montana’s red swing dress is one of her go-to looks on stage. The best part about it? You can recreate it in just a few easy steps. All you need is a bright red dress, some decorative lace trim, and red fabric paint to dye your satin gloves. Top off your look with strappy heels for maximum effect.

6 – Pearl Necklace and Blazer

Do you know what’s a hot fashion trend? Pearls. The pearl is an enduring and classic piece of jewelry that continues to be in high demand, and it never goes out of style. Luckily, it’s also something you can get for pretty cheap (only if you know where to look, like your local craft store or even some parts of Chinatown). Throw on a blazer or sweater (depending on how formal your office is) and finish with a pair of dark slacks or pencil skirt.

5 – Sparkly Skirt

In Hannah’s first season, she wore a number of sparkly skirts and dresses. This one was worn on her very first concert tour. It screams 16-year-old girl, and Hannah looks great in it! The skirt is below her knees and has rhinestones lining its hem. The skirt also comes with a matching top, which shows off Hannah’s hair highlights.

4 – Dark Blue Jeans

Most of us have had… best Hannah Montana outfits Hannah is known for her love of blue jeans and she definitely had some good pairs. A dark pair of jeans brings an edgy vibe to any outfit and makes it a great choice for night-outs and casual gatherings.

Black & White Stripe Top:

Hannah brought… best Hannah Montana outfits If you want to wear your black and white stripes with confidence, make sure you find a top that really flatters your figure.

3 – Brown Dress with Blazer

Hannah was an early tween fashion icon, and her style is still totally relevant today. This brown dress is effortlessly chic and pairs perfectly with a blazer for a more sophisticated look. Pair with black tights and ankle boots for a casual Hannah Montana look.

2 – Yellow Tank Top and Pants

This Hannah Montana outfit from Season 2 is tops in my book. The yellow tank top makes for a light and airy outfit and accentuates Miley’s midriff. The olive green pants complete the look with a fun pop of color. What I really like about it is that it looks good on all body types – skinny, curvy, tall, or short! It works for any age (excluding perhaps adults) as well. A big plus! Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

1 – White Lace Party Dress

When she attended Keith’s party in season two, we knew that her style was truly unique. She paired an oversized black fedora with a vintage prom dress from a Store and topped it off with lace gloves. Since then, we’ve never been able to get those gloves out of our minds (not to mention our fingers). It turns out that outfit has served as one of our most popular costume ideas for girls ever since.

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