How to Dress Like a Greaser Girl Outfit

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greaser girl outfit
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As a young girl growing up in the 1950s, I was an avid fan of the glamorous girl-next-door. My sister and I would roam the streets of Los Angeles in Old Hollywood-style “Greaser Girl outfit. We would walk by modeling agencies, stare at the girls, and think: “That’s my sister!”
The tale is well known. The film Grease revolved around the Greasers and their “grease” music. Grease was a critical smash hit on Broadway; it won five Tony Awards and was nominated for two Academy Awards — including Best Original Song (for “Greased Lightnin’”).
The story goes that Fats Domino wrote it to be a tribute to his friend Buddy Holly, who had died in a plane crash. And he hired a country singer to sing it. The song became so popular that when Fats Domino eventually went solo, he continued to perform it as a way to pay tribute to his friend.
So what is a greaser girl? In English, greaser is an informal term used as an expression of derision or contempt for someone considered especially unrefined or uncouth; someone who comes from an uncultured background or has little education.
When I lived in England, my friends and I dressed up like greasers for Halloween each year. We wore tight jeans, leather jackets, and black boots — with tongues that stuck out from our mouths like we were ready to fight with them!
It wasn’t all bad though – some dress up like greasers today too because people don’t usually associate them

What is Greaser Fashion?

Greaser fashion is the style of clothing worn by teenagers in the 1950s and early 1960s. The term was initially used to refer to a style of clothing with short, knee-length trousers (originally known as jeans) and a long-sleeved dress shirt or jacket.
The fashion went on to become popular during the late 1960s and 1970s when the trend toward shorter-styled clothing became associated with the punk subculture. Because of this, it is often referred to as “punk fashion”.

The History of Greaser Fashion

I am a Greaser. If you have seen the movie “Grease” then you are familiar with this term. But how did this term get coined and what did it mean?
The truth is, nothing has been more influential in shaping the way we think about Grease than the fact that greaser girls were a part of our pop culture. And those who do not understand history are destined to repeat it.
Many people would say that Greasers (Dirty Bitches) were an outcast group of teens and young adults who wore flamboyant, colorful clothing and rode motorcycles through the streets of Los Angeles during World War II. While this is true, as far as I’m concerned there was no such thing as a greaser girl in the mid-1940s. That’s assuming America was still a majority White nation at that time. Most Americans didn’t look or dress like the stereotype portrayed in the 1950s. So Greasers had to be white because that was what Hollywood produced for them to wear on screen. However, before Hollywood created its version of a greaser girl, actual people were wearing flamboyant clothing and riding motorcycles through the streets of Los Angeles on any given day during World War II.
The truth is that they were just plain old Americans. They weren’t alien invaders coming from outer space to put us all in our place — they were just an ordinary bunch of everyday folks who happened to be fighting on opposite sides in war at one time or another throughout history. There wasn’t anything special about them other than they dressed like they wanted to get away from everybody else, which wasn’t too uncommon for teenagers at least when war was around.

Early History of Greaser Style

Greaser Girl Clothing and Fashion: A Pictorial History, by Pamela R. Hockney, is a well-researched and entertaining piece that chronologically covers the history of Greaser Style in the United States from its earliest appearance to the present day. It may be a bit too much for those who are not familiar with this period, as I found myself slow to catch on to some of the details that were presented. Still, it was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about this style of clothing in American culture.

How to Dress Like a Greaser Girl

The famous greaser girl outfit is a staple of 1950s and 1960s American pop culture. The iconic image of the bare-chested, black-gloved, tie-dyed rocker has been immortalized on posters, album covers, movie posters, and TV sets for generations of Americans.
The article “How to Dress Like a Greaser Girl” will provide tips on how to embrace your greaser roots when dressing for work. When it comes to finding a greaser outfit for your daughter, there are thousands of available choices. From the classic “Girl on a Bike” to the “Doors Have No Closets” look, there is something for everyone.
Here is a list of some of the best (and most unique) choices out there that never fail to garner comments from people who have seen them.
1) Skinny jeans are appropriate for the office
2) Leather jackets are not only cool — they’re practical too.
3) Be sure to dress with style: good tops and plenty of jewelry!
4) Pick stockings and shoes that match your outfit (solid colors or patterns). Keep in mind that while you may be a bit funky, don’t forget to be professional at the same time!
5) When possible wear a hat. A snapback is always an option if you want to stay true to your roots without looking too hard-core.

Amscan Womens Grease Greaser Sandy Costume

amscan Womens Grease Greaser Sandy Costume
Credits Amazon

Product Discretion

This amscan Women’s Grease Greaser Sandy Costume is a classic Pin-Up dress, as seen in the 1978 musical film of the same name, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. It is made from a piece of high-quality polyester fabric and is designed to look like the original official dress from the movie.

  • It is made from a high-quality polyester fabric
  • Designed to look like the original official dress from the movie
  • Available in all Size
  • Black Colour
  • The Small in Size
  • Not Good for Fat Women’s

Forum Flirtin With The 50S Greaser Jacket

Forum Flirtin With The 50S Greaser Jacket
Credits Amazon

Product Discreption

The feminine line has never taken a backseat in the world of fashion. From day one of the 1960s, women started taking a more active role in their lives and in the world. The Forum Flirtin With The 50S is the latest addition to the Forum collection, taking a page from the 50’s greaser culture, but using the latest in fashion trends and fabrics.

This is the Flirty Hot Pink. The look is retro, but you’re still perfectly today with that hipster/rockabilly flair. With its rolled-up sleeves, collarless neck, and button front, you’re sure to turn heads. The wavy, white piping around the collar and cuffs adds just the right pop to this snazzy-looking jacket.

  • 100% made up of Polyester
  • Hand wash only
  • The Light white and comfortable Jacket
  • Black color
  • Affordable Price
  • Smell Toxic
  • Too Wide and Too Short

Amscan Greaser Girl Child 50S Costume

Amscan Greaser Girl Child 50S Costume
Credits Amazon

Product Discreption

Grease up your hair, wash your hands, and head to the school dance ‘cause this little girl is ready to rock ‘n’ roll all night long. Amscan’s Greaser Girl Child 50s Costume comes with a black, ribbed, button-down shirt with a sleeveless vest, a pleated skirt with a faux leather belt, and a pair of boot tops with a zipper in the back. This is an officially-licensed Grease costume.
We’re not surprised that the Greaser Girl Costume by Amscan is one of our most popular Greaser Girl costumes for kids. This 50s dress features a pale pink dress with two fringed shoulder straps, pink and white belt, pink ‘cat eye’ sunglasses, and black lace fingerless gloves. The included cap matches the sunglasses and is decorated with a black lace band, a pink ribbon, and a cat fang earring. Girls of all ages will love this costume on Halloween, at the school disco, or at an 80s fancy dress party. The Greaser Girl Costume is available in children’s sizes 3-6.

  • This is an officially-licensed Grease costume
  • A pleated skirt with a faux leather belt and a pair of boot tops with a zipper in the back
  • The Greaser Girl Costume is available in children’s sizes 3-6
  • Zipper Closure
  • Small Size but are good for kids

Where to Find Accessories for a Greaser Girl Look

A nicely tailored blazer, a well-tailored shirt, and a pair of brown leather shoes can provide the buyer with the look of a real woman.
So, where can you buy them?
You’ll find that greaser girl outfits are pretty affordable. If you’re aiming for this look, you’ll want to search for several shops that have outlets overseas (e.g., China). But it should be noted that the quality of those goods is usually quite poor.
A good alternative is to purchase cheap leather goods online through online marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy. These goods are often much cheaper than high-quality goods sold in retail shops.
It’s also worth noting that greaser girl outfits are not only worn by girls; they can be worn by guys too if they get their hands on an appropriate jacket and shirt (especially if they happen to wear a mustache). So don’t forget to check out our accessories section where you can find items like hats, socks, belts, and other accessories for your greaser girl outfit!

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