Top 10 Indie Aesthetic Outfits to Dazzle

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Indie fashion has always been one of the more unique styles on the fashion scene, in that it tends to break away from mainstream trends and puts emphasis on keeping individuality at the forefront of their outfits. In today’s top 10 indie aesthetic outfits list, we look at some of the most fantastic indie looks of the season so far, which will certainly give you plenty of inspiration for your own looks in 2022! So let’s start!

1) High Waisted Shorts

If you’re searching for some inspiration, look no further than Instagram. The popular app is flooded with pictures of women sporting high-waisted shorts. These wide-leg garments instantly slim and lengthen your legs, highlighting your waist and giving off an extremely feminine vibe. I love pairing mine with a crop top or bralette – but if you prefer something more conservative, a black tee will do just fine!

Indie Aesthetic Outfits

2) Colorful Blouses

Colorful blouses are a go-to piece for indie aesthetic outfits. You can wear a bright blouse with simple jeans and comfortable loafers, or you can wear one with a bold skirt and ankle boots if you’re going for something bolder. Put your hair up in a bun to show off your collarbones and earrings. Go for light pink lipstick with an eye shadow that matches it. Finish off with a bold necklace of rhinestones and other pieces that match your outfit as well.

Colorful Blouses indie outfits

Colorful Blouses

3) Oversized Sweaters

Wearing a sweater with an oversized fit is perfect for days when you want to wear a casual outfit but also need a little something extra. For an everyday-casual vibe, pair it with jeans and lace-up boots or flats. To keep warm, opt for thicker fabrics such as wool or cashmere. Wear your sweater over leggings and slip on some ankle boots if you’re feeling chilly or boot-cut jeans and heels if you want to dress up your look.

indie outfits

4) Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is a staple in any indie aesthetic outfit. Pair it with feminine dresses, or dress it down with simple cotton tees. Silver jewelry can be styled so many ways that it’s one of those pieces that you can wear forever and never get tired of.

indie outfits

5) Lace Dress

For one of these top indie aesthetic outfits, wear a classic black lace dress and add pops of color with an oversized purse, gladiator sandals, and a chic ponytail. For more inspiration on how to style your dress, check out Ask Polly’s How To Wear a Lace Dress post.

indie outfits
indie outfits

6) Pastel Colors

If you love pastel colors, as I do, choose outfits that highlight them. Pastels come in many colors and can include pinks, yellows, purples, blues, and greens. Use them sparingly so they don’t look garish. Accessorize with gold jewelry (rings, bracelets, and necklaces), which will complement pastels without drawing too much attention away from your outfit. Don’t forget a matching clutch!

indie outfits

7) Pixie Cut Hairdo

Many women choose to get a pixie cut because it’s trendy, but another reason is that it helps an outfit appear a little edgier and can help highlight other aspects of your look. For example, if you have very thin legs or arms, having long hair often makes your appendages appear smaller than they are. By cutting your hair short, you instantly make them look bigger while making everything else on your body appear smaller.

indie outfits

8) Studded Shoes

One of my all-time favorite finds at Shop was these studded black wedge booties. Not only were they super cute and on-trend, but they were also so comfortable! I wear them with everything from jeans and a tank top to a fancy LBD. Studs are such a fun way to add edge to any outfit. When you’re styling them like me, just make sure your tights match your boots for an extra polished look!

indie outfits
indie outfits

9) Striped Skirt

Striped skirts are one of my favorite indie outfits to wear. They are simple, but they make an instant statement. What’s nice about them is that they can be dressed up or down depending on what other clothes you pair them with. If you want a more formal outfit, try wearing a striped skirt with a button-down blouse and black heels for work. For more casual events, wear it with a simple t-shirt and flats for something more relaxed.

indie outfits

10) Dark Lipstick

The perfect amount of lipstick can really pull together an outfit. Pair your look with a dark red or maroon lip color, which will draw people’s attention up to your face and away from unflattering body parts. If you’re feeling daring, try a blue lipstick for something a little different—but make sure it complements your skin tone! This is one indie aesthetic outfit that doesn’t seem like it should work on most people but somehow does.

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