Katherine pierce 1864 dresses

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katherine pierce 1864 dresses

How to make a Katherine pierce 1864 dress

Katherine Pierce was a pioneer in the field of fashion. Known as the “Queen of Fashion” or “Queen of Clothes”, her clothes were a staple in American life during the late 1700s, and still are today.
Katherine Pierce was born on November 1st, 1864 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was named after her mother’s sister, whose maiden name was Katherine. Her father, Isaac Pierce Jr., was a successful milliner who owned his own business and owned his own home. He and his wife had three children – two girls and a boy – Elizabeth (known as Betty), Katherine (known as Katherine), and Agnes.
When she was young, Katherine loved to dress up for parties with her older sister Betty and younger brother Philip. Her mother saw to it that her daughter got every opportunity she could to play with boys in the house — so if it wasn’t with other family members it wasn’t out of bounds for her to go out with them!
Katherine would spend most of her time collecting fancy dresses to wear on special occasions like Christmas or birthday parties — or whenever they were invited over by their parents! She would get them from stores like Williams where they sold elaborate evening dresses made by Philadelphia seamstress Josephine Baker (née Hall).

Although she never received any formal training at all about how to make a dress herself, she did have an affinity for artistry. When age 13 Katie would spend weeks doing hand-colored sketches in watercolor that depicted intricate lace designs on a background of greens and reds. As an adult, she continued this artistry by painting elaborate designs on silks using copious amounts of gold leaf and gold paint — which is why those works have such beautiful colors!
Katherine shared this passion for dressmaking with her husband when they married on September 9th, 1888 at St James Church in Philadelphia when both were 19 years old. They lived together until he died at age 30 due to tuberculosis after being sent home from work one day. After all, he couldn’t sleep in his bed because he couldn’t stop coughing. His death came just two months after their daughter Agnes was born who tragically died at age 8 from pneumonia brought on by tuberculosis as well since it is thought that there may have been some genetic factors involved here since both Agnes and Katie contracted tuberculosis sometime before their birth!

The history of the Katherine pierce 1864 dress

The Katherine Pierce Dress was originally made in 1864 by the famous dressmaker, Maria C. de Maria, who founded the De Maria Company in New York City. When the company began to cater to the upper class in 1852, she hired a young woman named Katherine Pierce who was a student at New York University.
Pierce came from an influential family and her mother was one of the richest women in New York City. There is some controversy as to whether or not she was ever married. She went on to become a successful dressmaker and designer whose dresses were sold at society parties for years after her death in 1895. Her style is very much loved by women today and she has been immortalized into our time through many notable people like Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, and Viola Davis.
The opening of the company is seen as one of the most important moments in fashion history with its introduction showing that women’s fashion could be capable of such grandeur with a little help from other talented minds like Maria C. de Maria, who designed its fabrics and created its patterns. Her creation is still widely known today through her daughter’s great-granddaughters Katie Conner (who met her father when they were both studying at New York University) and Katie Pierce (who met her mother while they were both studying there).

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