10 Killer Nouverikant Outfit to Up Your Style Game

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10 Killer Nouverikant Outfit to Up Your Style Game

The Nouverikant armor set is one of the most popular and stylish armor sets in BDO. It’s worn by players as well as NPCs all around the Black Desert World. The designs and colors of this set are some of the best I’ve seen in any game yet! This guide to the 10 best Nouverikant outfit will help you choose from the huge selection of unique combinations and variations to find the perfect one for your character and your personal style!

1) Sacrilege outfit

While some players might find it tempting to dress up as a certain boss, we don’t advise it. The gear that bosses drop isn’t exactly meta, and you risk either looking like a noob or setting yourself up for failure in dungeons—or both. Just because you can run Amdapor Keep, doesn’t mean your gear is going to be good enough for Palace of the Dead.

2) Blademaille outfit

Blademaille armor is a set of heavy gear that can be used by anyone. It’s easy to make and incredibly light for its class, making it perfect for adventurers who don’t like being weighed down. To create your own, you need only gather up some Dragon Scale Armor crafting materials from Dungeons and Dragons online.

3) Vengeance set

This set of armor delivers damage and death, as is always expected from a Black Desert Online outfit. You’ll do extra damage with each hit as you fight your way through fields of monsters. Even though it’s visually stunning, you might want to keep a keen eye on enemies so they don’t sneak up on you while admiring your appearance. Each piece is made with care, providing excellent defense when forging into dangerous zones. Get a full set for higher stats!

4) Dragon tail helmet

The most distinctive piece of armor in BDO, and arguably one of its flashiest, is a helmet called a Dragon Tail Helmet. These things are awesome looking. The horsehair plume that hangs off each side is such a nice touch. Just so you know, they’re usually pretty expensive compared to other pieces of gear. But it looks absolutely amazing on any character wearing it, so if you like dressing up your characters then you can’t go wrong with these helmets.

5) Bloodlust cape (Male only)

It’s a great choice for PvP because it provides high defense and you can use hit combos with ease. Also, its large size lets you cover more of your body, making it easier to avoid enemy attacks. The only downside is that you will have a hard time walking around town because of its size. This is why some users choose not to pair it with other gear pieces so they don’t lose defense in other parts of their bodies.

6) Shadow set (male only)

If you haven’t played Shadow Arena, here’s your chance. Getting a Shadow set means you only have two pieces of gear with resistances and more defense, which makes it easier for people to find you. If you want an easy way to make gold in BDO, don’t be afraid to buy a shadow set on Marketplace!

7) Lucid set (female only)

The Lucid set’s design is based on zen principles, so it looks super simple—but it also gives you an enormous amount of freedom. Each piece can be worn with every other, making customization a breeze. If you want to make your own outfit, mix and match any of these three pieces with literally any other armor or clothing in your wardrobe. Need some suggestions? Try pairing them with

8) Black dragon armor set (male only)

This classic, full armor set will make you feel like a bad-ass in no time. When walking around with a full suite of black dragon armor, it’s easy to see why some consider it one of the best sets on Elder Scrolls Online. Plus, it has one of my favorite motifs in-game – Daedric.

9) Moonlight fern cape (Female only)

It’s hard to tell when your magic power will be triggered, but wearing an outfit like this can boost your confidence. Don’t forget that even a sorcerer who’s too shy to cast spells can still look hot in a fern cape! This item requires you to reach Level 20 as a Black Mage. Cannot be worn with armor pieces over it. 7-day duration. Untradeable. Unique-Equipped Item; CANNOT be stored in Cash Inventory; CANNOT be stored on pets.

10) Black magician’s hat/cape/outfit

While these pieces can be found in a wide variety of colors, there’s something so special about dark magician sets. Perhaps it’s because they make us feel like we have awesome powers, or maybe it’s just that we love dressing up and having fun with fashion.

Final Thoughts

Just because an outfit may seem a little over-the-top doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of your closet. In fact, certain outfits allow you to make sure everyone knows. Who you are and what you stand for—and that’s powerful stuff! Before shopping, do some digging and see if there are any requirements or limitations to wearing whatever you find.

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