Top 10 Lazy Baddie Outfits for School

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 Lazy Baddie Outfits for School

Most schools have some sort of dress code, and the rules are usually pretty strict. But if you’re feeling particularly lazy, or just want to wear something fun and funky that’s still appropriate, you can stay on the right side of the fashion place with these top 10 best lazy baddie outfits for school!

Laid Back Style

Lazy Baddie Outfits for School

A lazy baddie outfit isn’t just about wearing whatever you want and not caring about your appearance. A lazy baddie style is about confidence, sophistication, and comfort—and that includes both fashion and attitude. With your look, focus on statement pieces rather than a lot of accessories or patterns. It’s all about accessorizing with no distractions. This also means leaving your bling at home. As far as wardrobe basics go, staples like jeans, tees, vests, and jackets are best when styled right; think in terms of fit first then color. Avoid prints (including bold stripes), denim shorts (unless it’s winter), baggy clothing, or anything that looks sloppy. Mixing in trendy items with laid-back staples can make a lazy baddie outfit into something neat yet casual; overall keep things simple but unique.

2) Sweatpants

Lazy Baddie Outfits for School

A sweatsuit is perfect if you’re trying to look cool and casual, but still like you care about how you look. They’re great as activewear, too, because they make it easy to layer up when necessary. Pair a hoodie and some sweatpants with sneakers and you can go from hanging out on your couch in a T-shirt and jeans to running errands in no time at all. You can also wear them with a polo shirt during downtime.

3) Sports Bra and Leggings

Lazy Baddie Outfits for School

This is a great lazy baddie outfit because it’s both comfy and versatile. Pair your favorite sports bra with black or grey leggings and some cute heels for an easy-to-pull-off look that can take you from school to after-school activities, to brunch on Saturday morning. Throw on a cardigan, pack a book and throw your hair in some cute braids before you head out. This outfit can go anywhere!

4) Crop Tops

Lazy Baddie Outfits for School

Crop tops are a good addition to your lazy baddie outfit in school. They’re not too out there, but they still show off your style and how bad you are! Try a couple of different patterns and colors and figure out which one is best. Crop tops are great because they’re super comfy, so you don’t have to worry about anything being too tight or restrictive on you.

5) Long Tank Tops

lazy baddie outfit for school

Long tank tops are great if you don’t want to dress up but also don’t want to wear a baggy t-shirt or hoodie. Long tank tops are perfect for when you just have no motivation to try and find an outfit. Pair them with a plaid button-down and a nice pair of jeans, some converse, and some earrings, then you are ready to go!

6) Cardigans and Hoodies

Lazy Baddie Outfits

Cardigans are always a stylish choice in lazy baddie attire. Cardigans and hoodies can easily be paired with jeans or dressed up with heels and a leather jacket. When choosing your cardigan style, try to look for something that’s loose enough that you aren’t constricted but tight enough to keep you warm. The key is comfort here! Faux Fur Trimmed: Another option when it comes to layering is going with a faux fur-trimmed jacket or vest.

7) Denim Shorts

Lazy Baddie Outfits

These are awesome because they’re form-fitting and accentuate your curves, which is something that most lazy baddies value in their outfit. Plus, you can show off your freshly shaved legs with a pair of sandals or a high-heeled boot. You should never wear flats when wearing denim shorts.

8) Stripe Singlets

Lazy Baddie Outfits for School
Stripe Singlets

When it comes to lazy baddie outfits, stripes are a no-brainer. These comfy numbers can be paired with almost anything, and will easily get you out of a bad situation. Be sure to give them a quick spin every now and then so you don’t look too out of place.

9) Bandeau Tops or Camisoles

Lazy Baddie Outfits for School
Bandeau Tops or Camisoles

Bandeau tops or camisoles, as they’re sometimes called, are a great lazy outfit option. They’re easy to wear and can be matched with just about anything in your closet (and if they don’t match well you can always try to dress them up with some jewelry or shoes). Bandeau tops and camisoles do tend to cling a bit so I would recommend wearing them over leggings (or pants) when you have slightly thicker thighs like me.

10) Nike Air Max Trainers

Lazy Baddie Outfits for School
Nike Air Max Trainers

Trainers are a safe, stylish choice any day of the week. This Nike pair is a bit on the pricier side, but these classics will last you forever. Pair with jeans and a t-shirt to dress down or throw on your formal wear and add a bit of athletic flare. If you’re looking for casual style that still pops, these may be right up your alley. If not, check out our other choices below.

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