The Top 11 Rodeo Outfits of All Time

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Rodeo outfits aren’t just worn by cowboys! Everyone who watches rodeo events, whether they’re the rodeo riders themselves or the spectators watching from the stands, can have an unforgettable experience with the right attire. Here are 10 of the best rodeo outfits you can wear when attending your first rodeo event to help you feel like part of the crowd while cheering on your favorite cowboy or cowgirl!

1) The Western Boot

The Western Boot

The western boot is a classic choice when it comes to cowboy boots. It’s affordable, stylish, and durable. Western boots are available in both leather and fabric, giving you options depending on your taste and preference.

2) plus-size rodeo outfits

plus-size rodeo outfits

Putting together a great rodeo outfit is easier said than done. With all those demands on rodeo fashion, it can be hard to choose what’s important for your body type and personality. Plus-size women and men in rodeos face some unique challenges when trying to find appropriate outfits. That’s why we’ve decided to take a look at some of our favorite top ten choices in rodeo fashion with plus sizes in mind.

3) Rodeo Tops

Rodeo Tops

The first step to any great rodeo outfit is a great shirt. Whether you’re hitting up Nashville or Sturgis, wearing a cowboy hat is always key. Match it with your favorite pair of jeans and boots, and you’ll be set to go. Rodeos can get hot, so make sure you stay cool in long sleeves and on-trend prints. Most importantly, you should consider how much attention your outfit will draw at its next outing before going all in.

4) Hot Short Pants

Hot Short Pants

Any rodeo outfit that looks more like a second skin than clothing is probably going to make you look pretty hot. With Hot Short Pants, though, you’ll be looking hot without sacrificing any comfort. Riding in these bad boys will feel as natural as riding with your regular jeans, so it won’t take long before they feel like they were made just for you.

5) Rodeo Dresses

Rodeo Dresses

There’s a reason cowboys and cowgirls are so fond of western wear: It’s comfortable, sharp-looking, and perfect for people who are often on horseback. That said, not all rodeo outfits are created equal—there’s something special about a good rodeo dress that makes you look like you just stepped off a movie set.

6) Long Cowboy Hats

Cowboys love to accessorize, and nothing tops off a country boy’s look quite like a great hat. Long, cone-shaped cowboy hats are favored by some male and female competitors who want to compete in western dressage or equitation classes. You can often find these unique cowboy hats at specialty stores or through catalog orders.

7) Cowboy Belts

For most men, a belt is not just a piece of clothing to hold up their pants. It’s part of their overall look and identity. If you’re looking to purchase your first belt or replace your old one, make sure that you pick a good quality belt. Durable belts will always serve you better than those made with poor material.

8) Braided Leather Belts

A braided leather belt is very popular. This can be made by taking a piece of buffalo or deerskin, braiding it, and then attaching it to a piece of Spanish saddle leather. Braided leather belts look great, especially with western shirts and clothing. The advantage to braided belts is that they are adjustable, which means you don’t have to worry about not being able to find one that fits.

9) Eye-catching Bags and Purses

Before heading to a rodeo, hit up your local craft store and pick up some vintage-style leather bags and purses. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that matches your cowgirl costume. Remember that part about working with what you have? This is where it comes in handy! Have an old pair of blue jeans you never wear anymore? Cut them into shorts and add some fringe for an extra-unique look.

10) Rodeo Skirt

You don’t see many women in steer wrestling or bareback riding competitions, but you will find plenty of long skirts with fringe. The rodeo skirt sometimes called a trail rider skirt or buckle bunny skirt (some names are nicer than others), has been a part of rodeos since at least 1909. And that classic look will always be fashionable.

11) Cowgirl Boots

Cowboy boots are a staple in country fashion, and there’s no better place to wear them than at a rodeo. There are dozens of styles of cowboy boots on which you can splurge, but before you hit up your local boot shop, take a look at our roundup. These ten pairs of cowboy boots are sure to set off some major western vibes and make you feel like a real cowgirl!

People also ask

How should I dress for a rodeo?

This is a rodeo. You have to have some basic western wear. A bolo tie or neckerchief, cowboy boots and jeans, hat, long sleeve shirt, long pants, and of course, a belt.

Can you wear a dress to the rodeo?

Wearing a dress to the rodeo is like wearing heels to a gunfight. It is not the thing to do. It’s OK if you are a girl and you are going to enjoy it with your galpals, but wearing a dress to the rodeo will make you look like a dork or an imposter or worse.

What do you wear to a fall rodeo?

A great-looking belt, a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. If you want to add style to your traditional attire, you can make your choice from the western shirts worn by country music singers.

What is cowboy style called?

Cowboy style is called a lot of different names. But whether you call it cowboy style, country music, or even country and western, it’s all about the same thing. Think about the image of cowboys in movies and the images of cowboy hats. This is a very famous style of music.

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