The Top 7 Best School Baddie Outfits

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The Top 7 Best School Baddie Outfits

If you’re in school and trying to figure out how to stand out while also fitting in, here are the top 7 best school baddie outfits that will ensure you look good while still standing out from the crowd.

1) Khaki Green for School Baddie Outfits

Khaki Green
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Women all over are starting to switch out their jeans for something a little more interesting, and we couldn’t be happier. Denim maybe your traditional go-to, but it doesn’t mean that you have to always fall back on a pair of skinny jeans. Try switching up your look with something fun and flirty like khaki green skinnies. The hue looks great with almost any top, whether you want to mix in colors or keep it simple with neutrals.

2) Black Choker Neckline

Black Choker Neckline
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Black chokers are among many of our favorite accessories and can be worn for almost any occasion. These types of chokers especially work well when you’re in a super edgy outfit, but don’t want to be over-the-top. A black choker is a must-have for any school baddie wardrobe!

3) Asymmetrical Turtleneck

 Asymmetrical Turtleneck
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If you’re looking for a way to turn heads, nothing beats an asymmetrical turtleneck. The whole school might hate you, but with a look like that, it won’t matter. Try a tie-dye one! It’s unconventional and individual—just like you.

4) Dark Denim Jacket

Dark Denim Jacket
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The dark denim jacket is perfect for school. It’s a staple, as dark denim goes with most outfits and it can look great on anyone. The best part is that they look cool without trying too hard. With that being said, you do have to be careful with how you wear them in school, or else they may send you to detention!

5) Lace Flounce Blouse

Lace Flounce Blouse
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A lace blouse is a subtle way to express your baddie side. The flounce at the neckline gives it a bit of character, and if you wear a ruffled or scalloped petticoat underneath, you’ll add volume to your skirt. You can make one from scratch, or buy a vintage blouse and give it a makeover with lace or ruffles. Or keep things simple with plain lace!

6) Polka Dot Knit Tank Dress

Polka Dot Knit Tank Dress
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This sleeveless white knit dress with black polka dots is perfect for school, work, or a summer party. The black tank top underneath can be paired with a cardigan, blazer, or sweater depending on how dressy you want to go! I also love that it comes in petite sizes so tall ladies like me don’t have to worry about hemming. The only issue is that you will have to deal with pockets of air if you wear it without something underneath because of all those damn holes.

7) Ombre Ruffle Skirt

Ombre Ruffle Skirt
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School is meant to be a fun time in your life, so why not look stylish while you’re learning? That’s what Ombre’s all about. The ruffle skirt comes in black, white, and purple and has an ombre pattern that makes it look straight out of Mean Girls. And we all know how cool Lindsay Lohan looks like a school baddie. It also includes a matching belt for those who want their outfits to stand out even more.

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