Top 15 of the best summer baddie outfits

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summer baddie outfits

Are you currently in the market for summer baddie outfits? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our top 15 summer baddie outfits to help you find the best outfit that fits your unique style and personality. Get your shopping list ready, because you’re going to want all of these! Which one do you like best?

Top 15 summer baddie outfits

Style #1 – The High Waisted Backless Bikini

The High Waisted Backless Bikini
Credits Unsplash
The High Waisted Backless Bikini
Credits Unsplash

This one is cute and simple. All you have to do is take a regular high-waisted bikini bottom but make it backless. You can either cut off all strings or leave some strings that go between your bum cheeks and tie them together in a bow.

The high-waisted backless bikini features a retro-inspired design with a high waist bottom and wide body-hugging straps. This new type of bikini is a combination of high-waisted shorts and backless bikinis, offering the best of both worlds. The High Waisted Backless Bikini can be worn under any kind of clothing; it is suitable for all seasons, and you can wear it at work or play. Plus, they are comfortable and easy to put on!

Style #2 – The Bandeau Top

Bandeau Top
Credits Unsplash

The bandeau top is a summer staple, and it goes perfectly with high-waisted shorts or pants. A good bandeau for summer will be thin and lightweight—but not see-through—and made out of a fabric that lets your skin breathe. It should also look great on all different body types. Look for one with a wide, flattering cut to flatter your bust line and make you feel like you’re wearing less clothing while keeping you cool in warmer weather.

Style #3 – Long Sleeves

Long Sleeves
Credits Amazon

Long Sleeve is a brand that provides you with a wide variety of fashion garments for all body sizes and shapes. Each product has been designed to make people look and feel great, whether it’s a warm winter coat or a classy white shirt. Our aim is to provide stylish clothing for everyone at affordable prices.

The long-sleeved dress is made from quality material. It has an upper part, skirt, and sleeves. The sleeves of the dress are longer than the rest of the dress.

Style #4 – Stripe Dress

Stripe Options
Credits Unsplash

Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, and more: Want to look a little bit quirky and feel oh-so-chic? Mix stripes. Our favorite way to wear stripes is to combine them with another pattern or print that’s completely different from your stripes. But you don’t have to follow these rules—there are no style rules when it comes to fashion.

Style #5 – One Piece Ideas

One Piece Ideas
Credits Unsplash

It doesn’t matter if you think one-piece bathing suits are outdated. These summer baddie outfits are too good to ignore. One Piece Ideas: The Black Bikini If you want something a little more risqué than your average two-piece, try on a black bikini.

Style #6 – Tummy Concealers

Tummy Concealers
Credits Unsplash

These are essential for women who want to avoid showing any skin at all on their stomach area, regardless of the time of year. A tummy concealer is perfect for wearing with a strapless summer dress or a crop top with cut-offs. The trick here is to find a tummy concealer that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. A good one will not only camouflage your stomach but provide some much-needed skin hydration and soothing properties.

Style #7 – Cold Shoulder Options

Cold Shoulder Options
Credits Unsplash

Keep your cool in a cold shoulder shirt, jumpsuit, or dress with layers underneath. Short-Sleeve Dress Options: Go with a short sleeve mini dress or jumpsuit to catch some air! Style.The One Shoulder Top: Don’t be afraid to show off your shoulders in an effortless one-shoulder top and high-waisted shorts.

Style #8 – Lace Cutouts and Other Accents

Lace, Cutouts and Other Accents
Credits Unsplash

Lace Cutouts
Credits Unsplash

Lace tops, dresses, and skirts make a great transition piece from winter to summer. Not only do they keep you cool, but they also serve as an alternative for shorts—and don’t require any shaving! With high-waisted skirts making a comeback for spring/summer, lace is a must-have. Just be sure not to wear too much black or you’ll look like Beetlejuice.

Style #9 – Peekaboo Briefs

Credits Amazon

Looking good and feeling confident in a bikini can be very difficult. But with a strategically-placed set of solid black briefs, it’s easier than ever to make your booty look great, even when it’s exposed! Try pairing these briefs with one of those skimpy bikinis that have visible string or side ties—that way, you don’t have to worry about covering up so much skin if you want to keep your bottoms high up on your hips.

Style #10 – Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts
Credits Amazon

Whether it’s a quick trip to Starbucks or an afternoon at the beach, we love our boy shorts. Not only are they fun and flattering but they also show off our killer legs. Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of styles out there, which means we can be as playful or as basic as we want when it comes to styling these hip-huggers.

Style #11 – Inverted Triangle Bikinis

Inverted Triangle Bikinis
Credits Amazon

Are you petite? If so, you might have trouble finding one-piece swimsuits that fit properly. An inverted triangle bikini can be an excellent choice for women with a short torso and longer legs—it elongates your figure by focusing on creating balance in your upper and lower body.

Style #12 – Monokini, Tankinis and More…

Credits Unsplash

Credits Amazon

The great thing about summer is that so many different styles and swimsuits are appropriate for wearing. That being said, it can still be tough to find stylish looks when you have a smaller chest (in comparison to your larger butt and hips) or if you’re on a budget. The good news is that there are lots of ways to look amazing and feel comfortable in a suit. Monokinis, tankinis, bandeaus—all of these pieces can look awesome when worn properly.

Style #13 – Mixed Pieces for Mixing and Matching Fun!

Mixed Pieces
Credits Amazon

Wearing mixed pieces can look cool and stylish, but it’s also a great way to create new outfits out of old favorites. Using complementary colors, experiment with layering different styles together to get a one-of-kind outfit you’ll love wearing all summer long. We’ve picked our top favorite looks for you to try! Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Style #14 – Strappy Bodycon Bikinis that Work with Glasses or a Hat (because summer means swimming AND boating!)

Strappy Bodycon Bikinis
Credits Amazon

While not everyone wants to be seen in a string bikini on a boat, strappy bikinis can be super-flattering—especially if you have a flat chest and/or fuller hips or butt. Why? They highlight what you’ve got, which makes you look taller and gives your body an hourglass shape. Plus, they leave just enough to the imagination (no one needs to see your booty!) while still making an impact.

Styles 1-14 in different colors, patterns and sizes to suit your taste

This year, trends are everywhere and that’s good news for those who like to be on top of things. There are many styles and designs to choose from no matter how bold or formal you want to be with your outfit. Here’s a list of some super stylish summer baddie outfits.

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