Top 12 Best Vintage Aesthetic Outfits

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Top 12 Best Vintage Aesthetic Outfits

Vintage Aesthetic Outfits are all the rage right now. You can find them on Pinterest, Tumblr, and even Instagram! Vintage Aesthetic outfits give off a very different vibe than the fashion of today. It’s easy to dress in any style with these simple do’s and don’ts. Most importantly, have fun! Remember you’re going to live with this outfit every day so make sure you love it! Here are some Vintage Aesthetic outfits that I’ve found online and made myself here to inspire you!

The vintage aesthetic is often thought of as something that can only be achieved by wearing clothing items that are decades old, and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s important to remember that your clothing doesn’t necessarily have to be old in order to fit the criteria of the vintage aesthetic! These outfits demonstrate how you can achieve this look with modern clothing and still get an overall vintage vibe.

1. The Perfect Preppy Summer White Dress

The Perfect Preppy Summer White Dress
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White is great for a vintage aesthetic because it’s pure, innocent, and timeless. This dress would be perfect for an afternoon in town or an evening wedding. Pair it with some sandals to complete your retro look. Vintage-Inspired Floral Bomber Jacket: For those who live somewhere where it gets chilly during spring or summer, you can still channel your vintage-loving side while staying cozy in a long-sleeved bomber jacket. And if you don’t want to spend full price on one, try for vintage jackets. (Bonus points if you can actually find one that was originally made in another era.)

2. Classic Pair of Flats with Denim

Classic Pair of Flats with Denim
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You’ll always want to keep a classic pair of flats on hand. They come in handy when you don’t feel like wearing heels but still want to look put together. You can also wear them if you need to run around and have somewhere to be, or in place of boots if it’s raining. Keep a pair in your car, your office desk, and your briefcase for whenever you may need them.

3. Sleeveless Striped Short Dress

Sleeveless Striped Short Dress
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The sleeveless striped short dress is perfect for summer. Add a hat and a pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready to hit up a sunny beachside picnic or BBQ! Pair it with strappy heels to balance out its casual appearance. This versatile outfit can be worn all year round—just add tights and long sleeves in colder months. Double Breasted Blazer: In any wardrobe, layering pieces over one another helps create a sense of depth—but nothing will give your outfit more visual interest than wearing multiple layers on top of one another. This double-breasted blazer adds eye-catching depth by layering two colors (white over black) plus adding gold buttons that catch the light beautifully in photos.

4. Elegant Blue Blazer with a Floral Tee

blue blazer
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The blue blazer can be worn over a floral top and black pants to give your look an elegant vintage vibe. It is recommended that you wear accessories that will compliment your clothing, so choose a pair of hoop earrings and ankle strap heels that go well with your floral shirt. If you’re wearing black pants, you can also add some color to your ensemble by wearing colored shoes as well as bold jewelry pieces.

5. Mint Green Jumpsuit

Mint Green Jumpsuit
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Who says jumpsuits are only for those seeking to relive their early-2000s Britney Spears concert days? This mint-green number could be a fierce look for a day of doing errands and attending birthday parties with friends. Pair it with silver heels, stacked bracelets, and a delicate necklace, and you’re ready to mingle. If you want more color in your life (and who doesn’t?), feel free to add on an extra pop of blue or yellow. Or even red!

6. White and Black Two Piece Suit

 White and Black Two Piece Suit
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Two-piece suits have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many are black or white in color and are typically made of wool with a dress shirt, tie, and jacket. You can wear these to weddings, special events, job interviews, or other special occasions when you need to look your best. With a two-piece suit, you’ll be put together perfectly from head to toe. These are great if you want an outfit that is classy and elegant without trying too hard.

7. chic grey cardigan with floral tank

chic grey cardigan with floral tank
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The grey shade of the cardigan matches with both light and dark colors, as well as making it easy to mix and match your favorite colors into one outfit. It’s a great choice for someone who loves to spice up their outfits with a little print. Make sure to pair it with a bold necklace for some extra sparkle.

8. Pretty Pink Blouse With Skirt

Pretty Pink Blouse With Skirt
Credits Amazon

Credits Amazon

If you’re a fan of pink, you’ll love pairing a vintage-style blouse with a knee-length skirt. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone by rocking a color that traditionally isn’t associated with your gender, as it will come off looking soft and feminine. Another option would be pairing a button-down shirt with a matching skirt for an extremely polished and put together look.

9) The Flapper Style

The Flapper Style
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The 1920s brought about a new era for women. Women were now able to drink, smoke, vote, and drive! They also started dressing differently. The 20s are considered as one of the most important decades for fashion. Dresses became shorter, blouses became more revealing and bright colors were introduced into everyday wear.

10) The Pin-Up Girl Style

Pin-Up Girl Style
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Short for pin-up girl, pin-up style is a throwback to images of the 1940s and 1950s movie stars such as Betty Grable. The style became especially popular during World War II when soldiers found comfort in seeing pictures of sexy ladies taped up on walls while they were away at war. Pin-ups were often considered women who displayed more sexual than conventional appeal.

11) Rockabilly style

Rockabilly style
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Starting in the 1950s United States was a style of music, rockabilly fused country music with elements of swing and rhythm and blues to create a fast-paced fusion that centered on upbeat instrumentation. The first use of rockabilly was documented in a 1956 Life magazine by journalist Dick Hitt.

12) 1940s Style

1940s Style
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1940s Style gives you an opportunity to wear the elegant, classy, and comfortable garments that women used to wear in the 40s. Every dress is designed with utmost care and attention to detail.

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